New Pet - Hoglet


Cosmetic pets won’t ever be required to raise the Star level for kingdoms then? (I think that’s what most players are worried about when it comes to cosmetic pets)


Leveling them also provides orbs and gems for pet mastery, so these pets aren’t entirely cosmetic.


Looking here, leveling a single pet matters to power level 11 (need kingdom pet level 10) and power level 13 (need kingdom pet level 20).

Additionally, power level 15 requires you to have 2 kingdom pets and power level 17 requires those two pets to be level 20.

Finally, power level 19 just requires having 3 pets.

The question I have is if Faction pets count for both the Faction and the Kingdom? Because if that is the case, then just obtaining the cosmetics would matter (if there will be no more than 3 pets per kingdom). You wouldn’t need to level them (however, as someone who just collects them from the rewards tab, I sincerely hope they will repeat them or find an alternate.)

And, of course, they may further expand kingdom power levels in the future…


These are Blackhawk’s pets currently. (2 cosmetic)

I know it will a while before there’s enough troops to get it to level 19. But imagine having all the troops necessary. But unable to level it up because you chose not to use gems… Or haven’t been playing long enough to be around for when these pets were made available.
I sincerely hope that each kingdom gets 3 normal pets.
Faction pets shouldn’t matter since Factions can’t be leveled up.


This is a fair point and really hard to measure. I wish players of all walks would join the dang forums so we can get some more perspectives. It feels like it’s mostly endgamers and anyone else shows up to file a single bug report then never come back.

I most strongly disagree on the “just cosmetic” aspect. I’m only holding back because I reckon:

  • I don’t have a way to quantify how many angry diamonds there are.
  • I prefer to believe in publisher pressure conspiracy theories.

The things that irk me the most in this game are the things that are nearly impossible to obtain or maximize unless you are spending money. Right now that is:

  • Cosmetic pets
  • Basically every event weapon
  • Zuul’goth

I have to put the concept of “owning a mythic Hoglet” in a bucket that’s even rarer than “obtaining the game’s most expensive troop”. That’s very frustrating to me.


For the once in the entire life of the game Pets. Like this specific pet now, why not put an option in the Forge: if you own one single copy you can spend diamonds plus other stuff (souls or pet food or whatever) to create more copies.

That way players can make it Mythic for a cost.


It’ll be Mythic tomorrow. :wink:

But yeah I have gems to waste. Leaderboards don’t attract me because they require too much time and there’s no guarantee I’ll get a power orb for my investment.
I thought I’d spend a lot on Tower of Doom, but that tier shop is a joke. 500 gems for 1 scroll and 1 doom. 🤦
It’s the first cosmetic pet I bought to Mythic. Because I suspect it will be needed to get my kingdoms to Max level. I sincerely hope I’m wrong though.


Nice name lol


What happen with this thread?


Fixed it!!!


Perhaps, but you’re totally in here to show off you’ll have the mythic pet. And you totally made a thread about when you had/were close to getting all the mythic pets. And you were really vocal about when you felt like the pet distribution was making it hard for you to do that.

That’s being a diamond. You don’t need a power orb to care about completion. Diamonds do it even when there’s no reward. I’m not saying you were wrong to do all of those things. But you’re precisely the kind of player who has to max this “cosmetic only” thing.


At least in order to mythic it you didn’t have to open your piggy bank.


Nevermind all the other cosmetic pets that I didn’t “max” I guess. 🤷
Everyone has the same ability to Max this pet. I fail to see how it’s a brag that I most likely wasted a couple thousand gems.
@noob nailed it. I just wanted to show the pet name primarily.


I haven’t bought gems in at least 18 months. And back then, I just simply didn’t know any better.

Money for GoW = :+1:
Money for Gems = :-1:
Gems for pets = :-1::-1::-1:

Simple as that.


Well, if you are going to drain your resources on the gem sink, then I’ll just say that’s hogwash.




No conflicting feeling here. I’ll take 500 of them.


I at least am NOT an end gamer