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New Negative Positive traits

So this trait idea has a negative effect version and a positive effect version. I think which trait slot it deserves to be in is arguable my personal feelings it could fit into Tier 2 trait slots but some may argue it deserves to be in Tier 3.

“Holy Aura” Ally troops gain +5% accumulative resistance to all negative effects. EX:Turn 1 remove death mark would be at 15% instead of 10% and etc

“Unholy Aura” Enemy troops lose 5% accumulative resistances to all negative effects. EX:Turn 1 remove death mark would be at 5% instead of 10% and etc.

“Defile” Refresh all current negative effects on enemy troops on 4-5 gem matches

“Elixir” cleanse all negative effects on your allies on 4-5 gem matches

This one would need some sort of exception for Deathmark as refereshing it would always add another “free-pass” on this particular case, and being as obnoxious as it’s already is, maybe Defile should do nothing with Deathmark.

Interesting ideas. I would really like to see the devs focus investment on troops and new things that make the game more fun, not less fun. Every debuff is yet another thing to endure, stretching out games and denying basic gameplay elements. Players rarely use them on offence as they don’t easily steer you to wins and slow the game down, but they get trolled out everywhere on defence if their RNG procs can cost an attacker a troop or match now and then.

Give it time and we’ll see a Confusion status effect: 25% chance that your team makes a random move instead of you choosing on your turn. And a legendary trait that confuses you on 4+ mactches. Hey presto, nonfun spectator mode is complete.


or you know make players counter pick your army choices like this game was designed to do and you run cleanse and wham that new trait Elixir. People have to understand this game is still very much a game of counter picking.