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-Negative Traits-

Hi. This is my first topic or anything.

My idea is to try getting negative traits into the game. the idea is to put the bad trait first then have traits that made game play easier.

Ex: The troop is made of ice. So traits could be 1) Melting:1.5 times skull damage from enemies using red mana. 2) Huge: 2 life on 4 & 5 gem matches. 3) Impervious

  • Yes.
  • NO.
  • Maybe, if done right.

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This is meant to feel like real life. Not all of us… none of us have all good traits so why should the troops. This is not for all troops. To me this adds more deepth and strategy to the game. Making it more enjoyable.

Please, leave all thoughts and feelings below. I will reply as soon as I can.

My problem with this is that traits cost resources to purchase, so it would be unfair for a player to use their own resources to make their own troop less powerful (even if the subsequent traits would overcome the weakness imposed by the first).


Lol must be a joke

I don’t think it’s a joke. It makes sense thematically that Ice Golem (for example) would be more vulnerable to fire, but it would be a major change to troop balance and gameplay to try to introduce concepts like that into the game.


I had wanted more double edged swords in the game. At one point Sirrian said they just arn’t popular.

Me, personally, I’d love to see things like not wanting to burn a tar monster, because it would transform into a more powerful troop.

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Tar monster would be awesome. Hitting it with skulls should result in being Entangled also. Or maybe Webbed. Or both!

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Regardless of theme or feel, grinding for limited resources and then spending those resources to make a unit worse would be awful.


I’d be more amenable to a single trait that did something both positive and negative and was a big part of the troops identity. There are already traits I consider to have situational downsides - Venemous, for example, is not something you want to use versus a team with Humility in the lead, and having a permastorm versus board refreshers that are faster than yours easily gets you killed. The upside just needs to be strong enough that you can actually form a unique strategy around it, without the downside effectively killing a way in which the troop can be normally played.


Yes this is no joke. I understand that it make your troop worse. So with that in mind we can make the bad trait cost less in stones. Another part to it is to build your team around it. Like a different could be weakness: take 5 damage from burning. If we use the same troop, you would need to make the team healing or stat boosting abilities. Also the spell should be more powerful then normal.

I really like this idea! It’s easy to see how you could make troops that are more “conditionally OP” with this approach. Even something obvious like deals 5x damage to Red but takes 3x damage from Blue.

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Yeah that in its simplest form could be extended to things like - troop has immune to frozen trait well takes double damage from burning etc


If done right it can surely become interesting. The devs tried something like it with Mummified King and Bastite Priest, both troops could see a little upgrade like adding Entangle on M.King’s spell (binding/crushing the enemy with bandages) and maybe Cleanse to B. Priest’s spell. (Also shoundn’t she be Raksha instead of a Monster?)

More interactions like traits causing Burn on everyone combined with spells boosted by all burning troops, or as mentioned by @Esoxnepa a Tar Elemental on your team becoming powerful when afflicted by burning, like +10 on attack, Infernal Armor (better not go into close combat) and it creates a Fire Storm (spreads fire more easly).

There is plenty of room for creativity, in the same sense troops “consuming” negative effects from allies to unleash it upon enemies could also work, as well as troops agravating such negative effects and turning it into something woese like Burning becoming a “Fire Scar” that works just like burning every turn, but it doesn’t cleanses over time and also triggers 3 points of damage when someone match red gems.

Honestly, it’s quite sad the devs aren’t more open to consider our suggestions, but well, it’s their game so they can do whatever they want with it, [cough] even use an uggly UI [/cough]


i think i wouldnt mind the idea in general, but

the way traits are now pinned to kingdom power - it forces player to weaken their troop or suffer having lower kingdom power = either way player looses, and its not fun

if there was a way to unlock the traits for kingdom power, but then being able to "disable" some of the traits (in proper order ofc, the last trait disabled first) then i think players shouldnt have a problem with this

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Great ideas and suggestions. Thanks to the op for opening up some minds. I hope the devs read this.


That is a really nice idea.
I could see that being a thing.
It would force people to be more imaginative with what troops they are taking along for the ride.

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Thanks for the support. Matters on the kingdom power… it may not reduce it?

I don’t like the idea of negative traits. Basically, I’d have to get a trait that weakens my troop because traits are tied to kingdom stars. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

However, I do like the idea of natural weaknesses and strengths to certain elements. For example, all ice creatures could take more damage from fire attackers and vice versa. That would be a pretty intuitive global system.


Agreed, and that’s similar to the race traits that are slowly being introduced. It’d be great if specific troops had bonuses or penalties ascribed to their troop type, rather than something that you have to buy. But with the number of troops, balancing it is no small task and I suspect that the developers may have bigger things in their minds at the moment…

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An example of a negative/positive trait that would work something like:
Grave Pull: Deathmark will no longer activate but reduces life by 3 each turn it is in effect.

Slap it on Mummified King and you might actually have a troop with a functional synergy with Bastite Priestess. Thats the key here, it needs to be on the same trait and feed into the troops identity, instead of stepping on its toes, and in a way that feels like a net gain when combined with its spell. For example, we don’t want a “When burning, take 9 damage each turn but deal double skull damage” on a troop that you wouldn’t use in the front line or to counter a team that burns you. We already have troops with extremely situational spells that a “specialist” trait might make them actually usable sometimes (albiet still limited) but it would have to be handled correctly.


That could be a really cool way to deepen the strategy of the game. It would create a really complex game of rock, paper, scissors, if all troops had strengths and weaknesses against other troop types. That’s super for color differences in troops across tons of games (Red = Fire and is weak to Blue = Water, etc.)

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