New Kingdom Pass Begins - Nexus

Me too -100 gems :exploding_head:

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NATURA’S STAR (weapon offer) has disappeared !
When I opened the new Nexus kingdom an offer to buy Natura’s Star appeared. I thought I would do the quests before considering buying it.
Now I can’t find the offer anywhere !
There was no label on it saying “buy me now as you will not get another chance”
Please allow me to buy this weapon !!


Same here.
Offer was on the “Explore” part.

Have you noticed a weird thing about this new world event? Usually it’s the shortest path which is harder. And now we see that the harder the longer.

Fights King H.
15 1
6 1
4 1
5 1
6 1(5th)
2 1
2 1
20 1
32 1
85 1
TOTAL 177 10

@Fleg @Vorlon @Stevecap74

Disabling Kingdom Pass “Buy Level with Gems” Button

It clearly stated: Offer ends when Questline completed

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But don’t worry — pretty sure you can craft it in the forge.

That’s how all the newb-trap weapons were implemented when they reworked kingdoms, I’m pretty sure.

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Well it is ridiculous that they would not give you a “Final Chance to Buy” at the end of the questline. Bonkers. I would have paid cash - now they have lost out on my money !

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Kingdom Pass is 23 cents a day. The $100 Campaign Elite Pass is 13 cents a day. The Elite+ Campaign Pass is 32 cents a day.

However, I don’t think a new Kingdom is necessarily coming out every 5 weeks, whereas a new campaign comes out every 11 weeks (which is what I divided it by for cost per day, since you’re paying $10 every 11 weeks).

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Second this.
It looks exactly like the rest of weapons that remove a color and deal double damage to home kingdom troops, so - when will it be available to craft in Soulforge just like the rest of them were?



Is this going to be another one where the chances of the Battle Crasher “reduce” after 5 appearances to zero?

Because I had a bunch earlier, but now I’m on the Campaign Task to defeat him, I’ve played multiple PvP and Explore battles and he’s not showed up once :rage:

Could the kingdom pass menu be positioned somewhere else than where it is now? Opening daily adventures or campaign tasks kinda bury it… Oh, how about next to the shrine, can’t remember opening that menu more than once.


You can hunt for 10 @Rockwell

1- is free the other
1- is from paying 100 gems

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Some numbers might be wrong;

Free Royal Royal (Total)
PET (Gray Malkin) 1 30 31
U-RARE (Stoneborn Lion) 1 40 41
EPIC (Waterborn Priestess) 1 15 16
TAROT (The Lovers) 1 1
LEGENDARY (King Heliodor) 1 1
WEAPON (Krysta’s Scythe) 1 1
WEAPON (Tide’s Lash) 1 1
Gold 40.000 40.000 80.000
Soul 700 3.000 3.700
Glory 200 400 600
Shards 1.200 2.000 3.200
Chaos Shards 100 100
Gems 100 200 300
Minor T. 30 30
Major T. 10 10
Runic T. 4 15 19
Arcane T. 6 6
Rare Ingot 75 75
U-Rare Ingot 15 15
Epic Ingot 3 3
Gold Key 24 24
Glory Key 20 20
Gem Key 14 14
Event Key 2 2
Vault Key 2 2
Writs 120 120
Deed of Stone 6 6 12
Imperial Deed 1 2 3
Book of Stone Deeds 2 2
Token of Orpheus 2 2
Minor Orb 1 1

The spawn chance after crasher #9 seems to drop off steeply (but at least isn’t set to 0% like The Devil, #devilgate). Most people seem to get their 10th crasher after 75-100 battles.

I think most people should probably stop after getting their ninth crasher / day.


92 fights for the first 9 - 85 for the last 1.
250/35 days= 7,1 Crowns a day is enough

We started at LVL1, so it should be 245/35 days= 7 Crowns =)

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200 battles and nothing,10th battlecrasher maybe going to fishing

finally …230 battles

I had all 10 in ~170 battles. Might have been lucky here.

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How about testing your new content P r o p e r l y - I simply do not follow your logic - you have excelled in releasing new content with bugs or unintented AI play EVERY SINGLE TIME for more than a year.

And yet you release e new guild event and a new kingdom with new pass ON THE SAME DAY. It looks like you just don’t care, because you are earning way way too much on this cashcow called Gems of War. So why do your best when the money keep rolling

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