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Maybe a counter for King Heliodor kills of the battle crasher? Also wouldn’t it of been easier to changed the campaign tab to Passes and have the campaign pass in there and the Kingdom pass in there?

Hmmm look a counter

Any of these spots on this screen the daily 10 counter for battle crasher could be put or resize any area a little.


The Devil definitely was not working as stated.
Maybe because the realistic cap was already so small each day.

The current battle crasher has at least the chance of attaining more than 10 each day.

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Can it? This is from the news article:


You start with level 1 already unlocked.
So in your screenshot you have found 7 crashers.
5 to unlock level 2 and 2/5 for level 3.


Ahhh missed that part. Thanks.
At least they are admitting a hard cap now.

The last 3 crowns seem to have eluded me. Back to hunting against RNG streakiness. Thanks for the knowledge!

28 minutes later all better. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes please! I was so confused today because I lost track and had no idea how many I killed. Opening the Kinhdom Pass showed me 4/5 and level 2. What does that mean? No help article to explain it.

I realize now it means I found 9 battlecrashers. It is easy enough for day 1, but less easy on another day.

Fight King H.
1 1
1 1
1 1
1 1
4 1
4 1
4 1
1 1
7 1
2 1
TOTAL 26 10
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Hi Kafka, my royal kingdom pass is still greyed out in gems of war on PSN. I checked the Australian PSN store & found it there for $15.

I bought the pass on the Australian PSN store & when I logged back into GoW I got 10 levels unlocked on the Left hand column of items but the Right hand column of items are still all Padlocked.

Is this how it should be?
I was just wondering cause my American guild mates have unlocked all The Right hand column of items.
Thanks for your time.

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Exactly the same issue. Bought it on Irish store at 9.99 and got 0 rewards other than 10 free levels unlocked.

There seems to still be an issue with this content and EU / AU store. It’s been called out a propergation issue on the article for this but it has never taken this long and money is being taken without content being given.

If this is how the pass works it needs to be seriously reworded and would like a refund.


Not so much a celebration, as an onerous chore – coupled with a blatant money-grab. :frowning:

This week is a nightmare, for the amount of stuff we need to do. Are you trying to burn us all out?!


Yes, still greyed out.

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And here I am enjoying all the things I have available to me :man_shrugging:

I’m already looking forward to the next kingdom, finished with the quest, challenges, etc…, and easily keeping up with the crowns-gathering just by playing the way I usually do.

Guild Wars is time consuming, sure — but it always is. New kingdom isn’t really having an effect on that (for me) at all.


I expect we’ll see some dedicated GW players not doing any battles until Fri, maxing Elementalist then, and then also possibly using it on defense teams on Sat and Sun… :see_no_evil:

I’m likely one of them, though not for any immediate plans to use it. Just because I already wanted to max during the event, already play my Wars battles during the weekend on a typical week, and want to have the option available if it turns out to be “worth it” (which I don’t foresee — perfectly happy with my current toolkit)


Day 3 without pass.
Lost tribute, 6 Vault keys and more to compensate.

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Yep, still greyed out for most of my guild. The only thing I can purchase is the 10 level boost thru PSN store but that doesn’t unlock the right hand column of items :disappointed:

Are you both in the Europe Region on PlayStation?
I’ve let the team know that the pass still isn’t available :frowning:

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I’m in Australia. Yes PlayStation
My American guild mates can purchase the In-Game pass that unlocks the right hand column of items but they can’t buy the 10 level Booster thru the PSN store.

I’m having the exact opposite issue to them. :disappointed:

@BetaRay are your American friends able to buy the boost inside the game from the Kingdom Pass screen after they bought the Pass? Just not from the PSN store directly when they search for it?

I’ve mentioned this to the team as well.

No once they purchase the In-Game pass the boost becomes greyed out for them & also doesn’t appear in the PSN store.

Hope this helps

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