Disabling Kingdom Pass "Buy Level with Gems" Button

Hello Adventurers,

We noticed that the confirmation prompt to spend Gems on purchasing a Kingdom Pass level was not working. This meant it was easy to accidentally interact with that part of your display and purchase a level in the Kingdom Pass for 100 Gems.

To prevent this issue while we look into addressing this, we will be disabling the ability to spend Gems to Buy Levels in the Kingdom Pass until further notice.

We will be sending out refunds to all players who spent Gems to buy levels, to ensure anyone affected by this issue will get their Gems back.


So they get to buy it for gems and we are forced to pay real money?

No, we can also wait until the issue is fixed and the button enabled again, which should hopefully happen within the seven weeks the kingdom pass is still going to be active.

This really looks like good handling to me. Issue identified, quick fix to prevent further damage, refunds for those who got hit, announcement to not keep players guessing. And all within a few hours, probably even after-office hours.


Wait a minute, they CAN refund individually? They said that wasn’t an option for the AW issue…


That’s because there’s no way to check for “which players had spent event keys to pull Archproxy Yvendra over Arachnaean Weaver”. :wink:


More precisely, there was no longer a way to check which players had spent event keys to pull Archproxy Yvendra over Arachnean Weaver after they had spent almost two weeks stonewalling the issue.


Do my eyes deceive me? Good on you for this one, devs. Quick response, compensation, and best part is it doesn’t push us to pay more.

Oh thank you for this. I got curious with it too and got surprised when it took 100 gems right away. Do I need to create a ticket for my account @Nimhain?

I was very happy to see a message with my 100 gems back today. I’ve missed having issues like this being explained in a new official news post, having this issue stopped and or fixed quickly and having refunds/compensation. Please continue doing this with any future issues/problems/bugs. Personally I have no problems with the bugs because I know it happens even to billion-dollar companies but the way it is handled is all I care about.


%100 Agree.
Did your Kingdom Pass progress stay the same or the level decreased?

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I think it stayed the same. I accidentally bought 1 level yesterday and I got four crowns today and none yesterday. I think the gold keys were bought.

I didn’t mean to buy gold keys for gems I just clicked on it expecting a conformation screen telling me what the 100 gems would be for. I thought being 100 gems it would be for more than 1 of those rewards. I don’t think any of the rewards are worth 100 gems.


Nice. Yes progress not deleted.
I wonder if some one bought crazy amount of them and get all the gems back :joy:

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I actually hope they limit it. If you did it a few times it could be an accident but more than 5 and you are actually wanting to spend the gems. You can’t accidentally click it too many times.


I clicked everywhere other than “Buy level”.
I thought it’s a “Candy Crush looking” game interface and I was unable to pick fight. Didn’t think it’s just a progress bar.

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They are compensating up to 300gems - So 3 clicks. Pretty cool.


That’s fair. 3 times can be an accident if you don’t think it worked or you don’t know what it did but after that I think most people would notice or at least check to see if they are spending 100 gems a time. It also gives people that did buy them all or at least a good chunk a little discount. Overall this was handled very well and very fairly.


Lets track here, what paying pass buyer loose by the deactivation of this button.

I planed to buy Level directly to 50 with gems and than play every day the two steps in the 51-55 Loop: 51: 2 Cedric Tokens, 52: 2 Gem Keys, 53: 1 Vault Key, 54: 2 Gem Keys, 55: 1 Orb

Dont know if every pass buyer would have done this, for me it was the motivation to buy this pass (thanks to the strategy by the devs of so many vault key needed…), now its lost for an unknown number of days, every day losing rewards.
So now noone has the chance to do it, at least every buyer deserves the following ressources as a fair compensation! I dont mention the tribut by the lower stars of the Nexus kingdom…

Here we go with the summary until the button works again:

Day 1: (51) +2 Cedric Tokens, (52) +2 Gem Keys = Sum: 2 Cedric Token, 2 Gem Keys
Day 2: (53) +1 Vault Key, (54) +2 Gem Keys = Sum: 2 Cedric Token, 4 Gem Keys, 1 Vault Key
Day 3: (55) + 1 Orb, (51) +2 Cedric Tokens = Sum: 4 Cedric Token, 4 Gem Keys, 1 Vault Key, 1 Orb

While this could convince a developer, it’s the publisher that needs convincing to supply sufficient resources to get bugs fixed :wink:

So considering 100 gems has a base in-game value of $9.99 according to the store, start gathering data on how much income is going down the drain as a result of this instead!

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5k gems! I wonder if the devs even considered the possibility that people might do that :sweat_smile:

It takes 5 days to get through the bonuses twice: 2 Vault Keys, 2 Minor Orbs of Chaos, 4 Cedric Tokens, 8 Gem Keys. There are 35 days in the pass, so conceivably this could be done 7 times within the timeframe.

So for 5k gems a player would get:

14 Vault Keys
14 Minor Orbs
28 Cedric Tokens (basically 3 medals)
56 Gem Keys

Looking at that, it seems better than leaderboard awards that people throw mounds and mounds of gems at, but in light of Paloozas is it actually worth it? Maybe if the player regularly spends gems on medals (discounted Cedrics are 270, three times over is therefore 810)?

Anyway — totally agree you should be getting your refund or compensation — please don’t mind me running the numbers :joy:

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The whole gems economy doesnt make any sense, i spend 2900 Gems to get the new pet to level 20 today. Is it that worth? 🤷
Thanks to the tribute i have enough gems, cant do so many good things with them - so yes its worth for me and i am losing these ressources without this button.

Tbh the icons confused me (didnt see the yellow numbers on the golden ground) and initially thought i could get the five ressources twice a day, but still (two a day) are a better deal than sitting on gems.
And finally: i paid hard cash for that.

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