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6.0 Update - Into The Rift

36 fights for the first 5. 177 in total for all 10 crowns for me.


I decided to do my own dirty with work and test on an alt.

Levels increase by +1 of the option you choose, basically.

The harder option seems to be worth +5 miles per extra level over the easier one.

Fighting the harder boss battle also jumps your difficulty/battle level up a bit, based on the +1 system.

Pick your poison!


I wonder if Journey turn-counting is working as intended. Right now it appears that extra turns count as turns, so there’s no way to defeat higher level battles without taking the full (or nearly the full) turn penalty. I’ve defeated enemies without them getting an attack, and I still take a penalty.

Counting extra turns as the same turn gives us a way to strategize around the penalty. I don’t see how to do that with the way turns are counted now.


So I have a battle at level 11 and a battle at level 12. My next battles, per your description, would be what exactly? Somewhere in the 22-26 range? What about the battles after that?

According to the official guide: https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4407586251535-Journey-Events

“A “turn” is all action completed in your move and then your enemies move, before you take your move again.”

If this is not the case, it should be reported as a bug.


3rd bug already

Game crash when casting Hawthorn
Disabling Kingdom Pass “Buy Level with Gems” Button

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Waiting for it:

If you get an extra turn the opponent team flinches, which qualifies as enemy move. As this is working as intended we won’t reduce the Journey reward thresholds to compensate for lower scores.


or more likely that they will just change the support article and gaslight us that it was ever any other way…


oh, i really thought extra turns count like in GW, so maybe no bug here? :man_shrugging:
but that is not what devs posted as @beeflog already posted

Stupid if extra turn counts against you. So you get more points for easy battles than hard battles. That is just plain F stupid. If you are los rank player it’s likely even worse.


I was very skeptical when I read the devs explanation of a “turn” because that is not how GW works. Anyone confirm getting a 4-5 match counts as a turn?


100 Vault keys in:
The Moon x 2
The Devil x 1
The Sun x 1

Don’t need any of them, but The Star… bloody depressing.

One more Cedric and I swear I will crush my bloody laptop screen, one hard fist and get done with it.

Things works as intended, check the box about ‘frustrate the players’.


It looks like it, yeah. Easy to count with a gobtruffle team. Under 10 moves including extra turns gives full points, over 10 gives reduced points - sometimes up to the max penalty at high levels.

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Well that sucks but not a surprise.

Another question for devs, why don’t stats I gain from journey get shared with the guild? That would’ve been nice. You know, seeing as how it’s a guild event. Oh well.

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Actually, that is how GW works.


You can also see the community test it here, by blinddog



I know how GW works and what counts as a turn. You misunderstood my post.

does insta-kill like thief or assassin class skill count as turn or reduce the maximum score? (it felt like that but i cant be sure)

Sorry, had to sleep, and then also work.

If you take the lower level (11) battle, your next two options will be 12 for the lower, and then something like 13-15 for the higher battle.

If you select the lower level (12) battle again, your next lowest battle would be 13, with the higher option +1 to +X accordingly, with each +1 level giving +5 Miles (for the higher level battle option).

If instead you chose the higher level 13-15 battle, your lowest option for the next round would start at that higher bound, so 14-16 depending.

  • E.g. if it was level 14, then your next lower option would be 15. So it ratchets up when you select the higher levels, and that includes the boss battles.

I haven’t played through, so I don’t know how annoying or difficult or time consuming the harder battles get – but for lower levelled players/newbies at least, I’d definitely recommend sticking with the lower option, unless the higher gave dramatically more Miles for a comparatively small increase, e.g. if the lower option gave a reduced amount due to bonus resources or similar (is that a thing?).

Hope that makes sense?

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I can’t help it, feeling of the journey being just boring, repeating itself and I only played it for an hour or so… It looked so much more interesting on paper… I was hoping for something very different from the other events… The Journey should be, well… a journey, some twists and murky surprises or… something…