New Hero Class: Frostmage

Thank you. I am going to try for the power orb this round, and I love the new class. It has so much synergy with freeze, so it truly feels like a Frost Mage. Though since Frost is an element, it would have been nice to be an elemental. However, that’s a small nitpick when the overall class design, and its weapon, are so darn awesome!

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That is true, but it’s still a very rare case. There are only a few weapons like that available now, and no info about more coming in the future. Also, this whole discussion is secretly about this weapon, isn’t it?

While having a new Elemental Class would be great, it’s doesn’t make much sense gameplay-wise to force Frostmage in to this role. When Fey-version of this weapon become available, everyone would be very happy with this class.

Personally, I want all troop types to have their own class. But If you really want Elemental class soon, then hope Drifting Sand’s to be it, or else, at the current condition of the game, it won’t happened elsewhere. Maybe for future kingdom, Primal could be it.

Nothing secret about it, i explicitely mentioned the trooptype weapons. We just recently had another with the Taurus event too, and no Tauros Hero class to play with it.
Dual type Heros would just be much more flexible in their use, it would be much easier and quicker to get Hero classes for all trooptypes out too, and allow for the classes to actually play well with several different themes of the particular trooptype.
Look at Frostmage fe. it works well with Glacial Peaks Fey i assume from reading here differently themed Fey wont fit as well. Same will be true for a possible Drifting Sands Elemental Hero.
Dual trooptype Heros would solve all that while allowing for a much more versatile and less rigid team building around trooptypes and respective weapon choices.


When Wild Plain’s Class become available, it will surely be Tauros type, and that weapon would be a bit better.

For changing all classes to be Triple Type (in this case, Hero/Fey/Elemental) I completely agree. Hero would have much more team-build to play with. But for that to happen, we might have to wait for another major update, as it’s a different topic entirely.

I still think changing Frostmage from Hero/Fey to Hero/Elemental is a bad idea, as it will only benefit that one weapon, and sacrifice its synergy with its own kingdom and Fey’s high magic identity completely.

Come to think of it, Broken Spire’s Warlord class might to better as an Elemental Class instead of another Giant class like Stormheim.

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The typing is a little annoying, but who on earth comes up with the skill trees?

Why would a level 1 trait be more useful than a level 100 trait? And this is pretty consistent among the different trees.



This particular event accentuates the worst things about GoW:

You are given troops where the most powerful ones specialize in freeze and Mana Burn. Then you are pitted against scaling opponents who are at least partially immune to Freeze and any form of mana attack. So you end up playing long, grindy games where you take one turn at a time, the opponent gets an average of 3 moves per turn, and your most valuable troops are “Do X damage” with 2 side effects that can’t affect your opponents.

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Type should not be stuck to a class and it should be chosen separately.

In other RPG, you choose your race and then your class, I don’t see why it should be different for GoW and why you can’t have a Tauros/Warlord or a Mech/Bard.


If only that’s what you decided to say. But it’s not what you decided to say. You only decided to point out negatives.

I agree, these bonuses at lvl 100 are a joke for almost all classes. Triple skull damage on burning enemies, 2 life each turn for divines, 7% chance to kill last enemy, the stone one that protect against some status effects are the only 4 that I consider good. So many excellent bonuses at all other lvls. Strange. Especially when you consider the time needed to reach 100.


I think the reason is for the 25% is the class weapon 5 more AOE damage per frozen enemy its pretty good. Also i think one of the skills is freeze a random enemy at the start of the battle.

yeah, the mythic weapon of this class is really good, I agree. But this 3rd trait should be good also when not using this weapon imo. Maybe 50% for a master Frostmage? 25% is only apprentice Frostmage. :smile:



At first months ago when Class rework was release so was I. But I think I understand it now from their perspective.

  1. Having random Trees with a random perks saves enormous development costs. Letting RNG do your development without thinking is free.

  2. Having nonsensical perks that don’t apply further saves development costs, by providing zero synergy you eliminate any chance to create a new meta or OP style of play. Saving development costs fixing balance issues.

  3. @sirrian said one of the goals of the Class reword was to provide the player with Choices. As a player each row has 1 or 0 decent options out of 3 “choices”. BUT they have provided the ILLUSION of choice rpg style. Saving development cost by not needed to consider what the Classes theme actually is and develop a few more “Trees” like one for each race…


I think everything I was going to say has been said already… another class to grind for irrelevant and unrelated talents… at least some of these will be useful… cookie cutter design to save budgets… disappoints me, but I guess better this than no talents at all…

Oh and more freeze effects… more fun-spoiling from my perspective…


Realistically speaking, there’s enough to go around that we can expect more than one class per troop type, eventually.

Not worried about that, though I am disappointed that the class has been obviously forced that way because of how the class events restrict us to “this kingdom and this type only”.

And there’s really no synergy here. And none of the traits or talents, or the weapon, are interesting or useful enough to really bother with.

I also have a bone to pick with the first fight in this class event having three troops immune to mana burn, when the only offensive option to speak of in this pool of troops is mana burn.

Giant and DragoGuard have awesome level 100 bonuses, none forces you to level the class if you can’t find the use. Some classes are ain’t worth the time.

If you are referring to 3x skull damage on burning enemies (dragonguard) and the protection against some status effects (giants/titan), they are 2 of the 4 I listed as good. Of course some are good, the prob is they should ALL be good at lvl 100, not just 3, 4 or 5.

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But it doesn’t means the class, class weapon or the kingdom will be in a good at all… The closest thing the Tauros have as sinergy is the “beefcake theme” of boosting spells with body stats, and the other theme on this kingdom is the :poop: “lol random” theme.

Since the devs hate this kingdom so much, they should just erase it already and introduce whatever they fancy in its place as long as they commit to care about interesting and reliable mechanics. :neutral_face:

Just finished the event. Glacial Peak’s Feys are such a master of high magic.

Both of my pets are not even Mythic, just Legendary. Still, they already give 12 extra start-up magic, which give Dawnbringer this awesome stats.

So it’s 200+ AoE damage on first cast, and 1 more with every allies’ spell cast!! Although it was mana blocked a bit by Freya, but she got half-mana start (Fast trait) and semi-true damage on skulls match (Armor Piercing trait), with 40 base spell damage. So she is very great despite being a Godslayer!

As for the cost for finishing all 8 reward stages, it only take 40 (100-60) gems, like all the other Weekend Class events. So it’s a great investment for Class Exp and extra stuffs even if that orb turned out to be another Growth.

I was one battle short with spending Tier 2 on gems, with all battles won and all Valravens killed.

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Last Valraven can appear in 37th to 40th battle. If it decided to show up on 40th, then you will have to buy one more Tier to finish it.

It rarely happened, but it could be like that sometimes.