New Hero Class: Frostmage

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New Hero Class: Frostmage

A new Hero Class has been released, the Frostmage. Complete Tassarion’s Frostmage Training quest in Glacial Peaks to unlock this Hero Class.

Also to celebrate the release of this new class, we will be running a Hero Class event over the weekend. Particpate in this event to help earn Champion XP for the Frostmage.

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I’m disappointed the Hero class is a Fey. Elemental needed it more. Bright Forest can easily be Fey.

The biggest thing to me is that none of the hero talent trees actually benefit Feys in any way. Talent tree 100 is now made worthless as the 3 choices either benefit Merfolk (Water tree), Mystics (Arcane tree), or Elementals (Storms tree).

Before, I loved every tree line. Now all of them are great except 100, which still makes no sense to me how the longest talent to unlock is usually the least useful.


It must be super fun to be a dev.

(Dev) Here is some new content!
(First Comment) Here is why it’s awful.

I’ll never understand it.

Thanks for the new class! Can’t wait to unlock it and give it a spin!

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The class was great. Now, its a little less great.

But sure, blindly loving everything is good too! Let’s love every feature they put out, even if people don’t agree with it.


Yes, but it can’t help be a wasted goal when all content (events and pet bonus) added lately is driving the player to make teams of 4x Troop types. :wink:

If the devs had a reason to choose Fey over Elemental (or to choose those three talent trees), then they know they made the correct decision and can brush off complaints like TheIdleOne’s.

If the devs didn’t have a reason for the decisions they made, then they should feel a bit embarrassed for not putting in as much thought as a player did.

Either way, they should not feel obligated to stick with the current version just because it was what they initially published. It would be cool if a dev popped in and explained what the reasoning is, though.


Man, Tassarion is pretty wise. Almost.

I like Water Talent tree, the freeze and submerge bonus is quite great, although it’s pretty underwhelming here.

Also, Zapp, while TheIdleOne’s post might be negative, it’s actually useful constructive criticism. Your post that complaining about the complainer though, it’s as useful as webbed Ragnagord.

25% chance to freeze when an ally cast a spell ??? Come on, devs! Casting spell and 4x or 5x gems combo are in relatively similar numbers during a battle so how is that possible to give Mab 100% for its 3rd trait and only 25% for the hero ?? Hero Class 3rd trait have to be at least as powerful as legendary 3rd trait !

As exemple: Bards class 3rd trait is the same as Scorpius. Should Bard class 3rd trait be nerfed to “25% chance to give +1 to all stats to all yellow allies” ?


Can you please also show the skill tree in such posts?

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The reason they choose Fey is probably dued to the synergy with its own kingdom, as there are 7 Fey here. If hero is counted as Elemental, the Class Event would look like this…

Hardly a great team to build here. They already changed DeathKnight from Knight to Undead, and Orbweaver from Mystic to Elf, so I think Fey class is here to stay.

As for Bright Forest, its class would probably counted as Fey as well, dued to 11 Feys and just 2 Elemental. If you want Elemental Class, Drifting Sand would be your best bet, as there is 8 Elemental troops there, the highest of all Kingdoms.


I have a sneaking suspicion its due solely to the class event. (a kingdom with 7 Feys vs 4 Elementals).

It’s frustrating to see it balanced that way as it tends to lock out good ideas for classes to suit the need of an underwhelming event type.

It doesn’t need to be balanced this way.

Look at the Archer class:
Archer is an Elf class from Forest of Thorns
FoT has 7 Feys, 5 Elves, 7 Elementals. Yet the type with 5 troops only gets the class type.

I’m partially frustrated because this set of 3 talent trees is one of the best combinations possible, yet its wasted on Feys which don’t need another freezer to its roster. Elementals could have used the support.


Yeah, I see that. I don’t want to see a Drifting Sands Elemental Hero. The amount of synergy those 8 Elementals have together is near 0.

The 3 Amigos
Dust Devil
Desert Troll
2 Split Damage troops
A very random “buffer”

At least the 4 Elementals from Glacial Peaks have a common theme.
The 4 Monsters from Drifting Sands have a better common theme than the 8 Elementals.

I almost wish I didn’t say Monsters, because now I had to look it up. Monsters is a secondary type at best in almost every kingdom possible. Shoehorning the most common type of troop as the hero class means the hero can never be a Monster sub-type.

Blackhawk has 5 Monsters, 8 Rogues
Drifting Sands has 4 Monsters, 8 Elementals
Karakoth has 4 Monsters, 7 Daemons
Khetar has 4 Monsters, 11 Undead
Mist of Scales has 4 Monsters, 10 Naga
Darkstone has 6 Monsters, 8 Humans. 4 of the 6 Monsters are from the All Seeing Eye faction which is not how Whitehelm/Hall of Guardians and Crypt Keepers/Sword Edge hero classes are designed from.

I would gladly give Drifting Sands the Monster hero class.

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New Hero classes are tight!
Also please rework all Hero classes so that you could pick one flexible second trooptype in addition to its fixed one, that would be great.

It seems they’re trying to avoid collusion with any existing themes.

Guild Wars - Mono color
Raid - Kingdom :point_left:
Invasion - Type :point_left:
Delve - Two colors (Restricted)
Class - Kingdom and Type

From a personal view Class should be based on Kingdom as the class dictates where the hero is from.
This would give a bigger pool in the troop selection on class events and also allow hero classes to have more type diversity.

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While the synergy with their own kingdom seems to be the main design choices, that doesn’t mean you can’t pair hero with other troops. The main part of using heroes is for their traits and champion talents, not their type bonus. The only thing you lose is just a few start-up bonus.

So, Frostmage is still an awesome class whichever type it ended up with. Random freeze could be useful, and its Arcane trait would make hero keep getting higher magic in long fight, like in Delve. Arcane talent tree with 50% start-up mana also make it a great choice in Invasion battle. Strorm tree is also very great.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to use Borealis+Frostmage combo in Delve. Borealis’ new Ice Armor trait and old triple skull damage on freeze trait would make them a great team.


A very nice class! Thanks!


I disagree, trooptype and some versatility to it is very important to Hero classes due to some of the new weapons basing their spells around it, it is why dual trooptypes for hero classes should be implemented.

One of the reasons the strongest meta Divines being so strong is due to the Hero Class happening to fit the trooptype of the appropriate weapon.
It is why many other trooptype teams struggle as they don’t happen to fit that way.


The hero is already a dual troop: whatever type comes from its class, and the “Hero” type. As long as this dual typing exists, I can hold out hope that Godslayers and Siegebreakers will be adjusted to have their bonus damage work against both Boss and Hero types.

If your goal is to just oneshot enemy heroes i guess that’s fair.
I’d rather like more diverse team building options for my Hero and their class to play around with instead.


It’s awesome, and the class weapon is :gift_heart:!!! I love it.

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