New Faction - Werewoods

My initial reaction to that screen was not favorable.

And my current and future reactions… agree.

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Same, honestly!

Not really, because the excess legendary/epic/ultra rare troops are rather irritating and I’m not guaranteed that the extra cost was from higher quality treasure.

I don’t really need 14 copies of the Legendary troop.

Scarlett: These beasts may change form, but we have found no signs of dark magic or human sacrifice.
Scarlett: But if that is the truth, then this is slaughter! We came into their lands and took their lives… for what? Empty revenge?

Love this storywriting. Definitely should have been in Maugrim Woods but whatever.


well, now Scarlett went to a foreign land to massacre the wrong people

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Excuse you, “meowst leave” is one of the best things I’ve ever written. Gems of War has always been irreverent and full of pop culture nods, so if you want a pure fantasy story and lore then boy, do I have something to tell you… :stuck_out_tongue:

Even so, I enjoyed making this story a bit more serious, especially after Wild Hunt and Mirrored Halls. I wanted to include some of the playful nature of our story telling, so chose to add puns and pop culture references to the titles and battle cries. (Puns are one of Sirrian’s specialities. If I don’t write them in he will likely be found adding them.)


So gold in the final room is just about non existent now. Have a better chance to hit the lottery. They might as well take treasure quality out of game because taking it to 10 will just flood you with junk you don’t need. Ingots and shards mainly. So they made it easy for players with all faction at 500 to do the daily but took out anything of value in the final room. I guess you could do it for class XP or something like that because you won’t find any gold to speak of sadly.

Scarlett: “Oh no, we are slaughtering innocents… Let’s keep doing this to the bitter end!”

Could have ended with her and the hero being ambushed by the Beastmaster and defeating him just to be able to escape. Then she would vow to change the ways of the Wardens when she becomes the leader.


Surely you wouldn’t prefer to get more rares? Shards are plentiful. I don’t see any point in opening just the minimum. The more shards you spend-the more treasures you get-the less gold it will cost you to upgrade hoard. I always open over 10k-20k every faction.

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Well, if I had the choice to open 7,200 shards or 8,800 shards, I’m going to pick 7,200 shards every time.

I don’t really want to open 10-20k shards for each faction; I only open extra on certain factions. For example, would I really need the extra treasure for Wild Court or Silver Necropolis on new potion weekend?

Im still sitting on 67 Genie Lamps and 80 Sacred Treasure so I’m not overly concerned about gold cost for upgrading hoards.

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Forget troop functionality! I think Torbern’s battle cry sounds like TROGDOR ergo best faction ever


I’m one of those who has always tried, in more than 5 years in game, to never criticize the game. This time, I have to say that since I’ve started playing this is by far the worst game design that has ever been put in game.

4 troops that can random transform themselves in other random troops.
And who gives a f—k about strategy.

Just drop a load of gold and gems if you want to win. $ >>>>> ability
505, congratulations. You are driving this game into a wonderful direction (because I’m 101% sure that there isn’t even one single dev behind this choice, they love too much gow and have shown many times in the past that when they can decide the games always gets better).

Edit: FYI I’ve completed the delve, so I’m speaking from the point of view of someone who have invested in it


Same here. The rare troop is the last one to get to mythic and after all I have like 40 more copies of it. And I still have 70k shards left, what am I supposed to do with them if not trade them for treasures which can save me of some gold sinking?

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It took me 7600 shards to get Torbin to mythic, with 28 extra bears and 4 birds. 9 cats but I bought the weapon tier. I only remember seeing 3 lamps and 1 ST, but I could be mistaken.

I had 7800 shards leftover for the next faction. Treasures vs Troops is debatable, but it is gold that I need the most now. Never enough gold these days.

Thanks for sharing your strategy in the other thread, btw.

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Already burnt out, barely at level 200 at the moment. Lost twice with all faction team, room 5 at level 200, in the most horrible way twice. I almost, almost lifted my laptop above my head and danged it into the ground with all my horsepower. Eika out :run:


Careful AWryan, or they’ll flag you again for absolutely no reason other than to flex their non-existent superiority.

Who designed this delve should be fired, they dont know anything about making a game.


Confirmation on transformed troops count as “dead”. Did pure faction run on 300, did not lose a troop. Also did not have the exact same team coming out of the delve as i did coming in. Got 300 for the faction team & 20 for finishing. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I would have said you’re going no purrther, but that’s just me.


My level 500 faction run also ended with a different team composition than it started, but completely full. I got credit for the no losses. @Kafka, can you ping someone to look into what exactly the conditions are for satisfying that requirement? I am obviously missing something.