New Faction - Werewoods

Did it outside of the FA.

My troops transformed at least 8 times.


I’ve been averaging low 7k to 8k for rares to mythic. This one was upper 8ks to get it get the rare to mythic.

so no, I didn’t know that.

It’s probably just this 1 rule , and they’re applying it.

“Swearing, NSFW content, Illegal activities – We do have families who wish to enjoy or share Gems of War with their children. Let’s keep it clean.”

But :cow::poop: Is a b s o l u t e l y f i n e


I think that whoever thought transform was a good idea to give a level 500 troop should really have consider the impact this would have… and refrain from suggesting any gimmick effect such as transformation again.


Don’t worry, you’ll love the next faction too. Its not transform, but its VERY rng heavy.

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Spoiler alert

I think most of the factions are a waste of space anyway :man_shrugging:

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No one questioning why this faction is in Urskaya? It’s in an mountain, in cold environment and have an colorful bird and a dude almost without clothes
I really hoped for a Urska faction… or to this to be in maugrim woods


I wonder if they broke any copyright laws with the Supernatural quotes

History shows it’s useless to ask this type of questions: back in the day I inquired why Fang Moor (naga faction) was linked to Khetar instead of Mist of Scales. There was zero response.

On a different note:

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I am only 180 levels into this new faction event and I am dreading higher level all faction attempts. I ran one at level 100 and, although it was not difficult due to stat boosts from potions, the entire transform mechanic was incredibly annoying. I can’t imagine the frustration at level 400 or 500 especially when those stat boosts pale in comparison to opponent troops. Perhaps my opinion will change as I get deeper into it but I have significant doubts.
If the devs would have altered the transform mechanic to give you an option if you wanted a troop to change. They could keep the random transform percentage as it is but ask the player for a confirmation or denial regarding whether to allow the transformation to occur. This at least would have infused some strategy into the faction.


Before every Factioner rage quits the game. I humbly offer this solution.
It should work for level 500 but it’ll be a while before I can know it for a fact.

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Shit isn’t a swear word in australia, FYI

Indeed. That word is permitted in global chat without being filtered.

Although oddly, a common ‘swear word’ for urination isn’t… :upside_down_face:

Anyway, these new Faction troops suck :laughing:

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8600 shards spent

Coin Purse — 37
Gold Ring — 108
Priest’s Chalice — 59
King’s Crown — 30
Genie’s Lamp — 16
Sacred Treasure — 3

Beastmaster Torbern — 8
(6) @ 6400 shards spent

Werecat — 28
(16) @ 4800

Werebear — 48
(41) @ 7200

Werebird — 93
(91) @ 8600

Isn’t it a good thing if it takes longer to max the rare? Doesn’t that mean you were getting more higher rarity troops/treasures?

A bit off topic but…

HOWEVER this does not mean we can use it here in an online (international) forum that has rules governing appropiate behaviours which include appropiate language

(Unless we get the green light to do so…)
But honestly there is ALWAYS a better word to describe things, it can be used as an enhancer for sure, but its never required - usually its just lazy language

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I always like to quote the official Gems of War account

Don’t think I’ve heard F word on prime time Aussie TV…

Does anyone understand the methodology used by @TimeKnight to figure out the event rating for each faction (e.g., shown in the table in this post)? I’m curious if any of the last three faction releases is a better farming delve than City of Thieves.

City has 2 guaranteed V rooms and sometimes gets a 3rd V with the draak room. I think thats a big part of the formula though I am not sure of all details

EDIT: city can now get FOUR x lvl V rooms. Didn’t get screenshot but just got a map with Draak room and the new Scylla room both

Apawlogise. Meow, please.