New Faction - Wild Court

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New Faction: Wild Court


Join Prince Ethoras, as you cross paths with the Wild Court!

We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, watched over by The Wendigo!

To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for Wild Court.


And… I’m back just in time for the new Faction. Woohoo! :partying_face:

Here’s the stats for the Wild Court!

(—It’s a placeholder info for now. Will update it later if anything changed.—)

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be nice if you could play the game-sh***te servers
with timed elements like this the quality of the servers comes into play -whats your response when time is damaged by server quality-

1800 to get legendary to mythic
4000 to get epic to mythic (5 copies from faction store)
7200 to get rare to mythic
8000 to get ultra rare to mythic

@8,000 shards used, my Legendary is at Mythic with 7 copies

23 coin purse
115 gold ring
59 priest chalice
20 king’s crown
7 genie’s lamp
4 sacred treasure

Finally a story arc I can get behind. Suck it, NPC.


Glad to hear you enjoyed the torment of Ethoras, @Shimrra. <3


I was exactly 8k for all, not too bad, the Epic took another 1200 when all others complete.

I never kept track before but it also took me 8000 shards to Mythic all faction troops.

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How “easy” will 2500 be here? :thinking:

That was surely my favorite quest line dialogue. It gave me the giggles. :heart_eyes_cat:

I’ve wanted to ditch Prince Ethoras since the first day I encountered him in a quest.


Yeah, quest dialogues were better than usual. I dislike most questlines but Wild Court dialogues were quite funny.


The Wild Court’s colors are red and green, which means I can’t use Keeper of Souls, or High King Irongut, or The Great Maw. (And un fact it is the only combination that prevents me from using any of them.) I am inclined towards Tesla or Queen Ysabelle, in duplicate, for high-level content. But I am certainly open to other suggestions. What is everyone thinking/using?

Try Shield of Urskaya with Rowanne—that combo alone is pretty good at scaling content.

Then you’ve got two slots left for whatever you enjoy! Yao, Yasmine, Gobtruffle, TPK… all depends on what you like! :smiley:

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Yes, Hero (sentinel for high lvls ones not only cuz the skull reduction but also for banishement to take away submerge, whatever i am lvling until around lvl 300) with Ursine shield, Apothecary, rowanne and Megavore (trident banner) is the team i always used every time i could.

1 cast of each wipe most of the rooms until really late lvls (and even then you just need 2 cast of the shield) while you got pretty much everything you need, tank, cleanse and high damage.

Can use gard avatar on rowanne place too but overall rowanne work better seen she dont waste damage, even more if mega kill something her damage to each troop only get boosted.


Hero with the faction weapon + Red cap works nicely too (with thief/archer class for hunter marks). The weapon’s triple true damage doubled by red cap’s faery fire packs a decent punch.
Plus 2 filler/supports/conveters, to get the hunter marks rolling.

8k shards to get everything to mythic, with 5 sacred trasures and 13 (lol) wendingos

Essence of Evil (Archer)/Zuul’goth/Leprechaun/The Possessed King.
Works fine with potions on the weekend; remains to be seen how much slower it gets once potions are over.


Try this team. It’s super fast and deadly.
U can use this team all the way too the final with no NP

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Using a hero class without the Stone talent tree seems like a dangerous idea. Isn’t the hero too squishy?

Game starts with first troop entangled (two rooms could prove problematic in this regard - the one with Hammerhead first and the one with Kruarg first), later Essence keeps them permanently disabled.

Outside potions it would be safer, of course, to use brown barrier.