New Faction - The Warren


Because your greed has more hp thanks to stat boost from your hoard
Greeds cast gives gold equal to his hp

Edit: you said from a 4 match? I dont think you get that much gold from a 4 match


I used a gold team almost from the start and never seen anything like this.


Where did she say that?


Global chat right after the “filter color” bug was fixed.


Thanks. Wish the devs would repeat things like that here.


It’s the holiday. So possibly they’ve just been to busy to. Or maybe @Fourdottwoone has gotten his wish. It’s a bug that they don’t intend to fix
There’s always the slight chance that I am wrong. :wink:
But if it’s option C then most likely Kafka was wrong and provided bad data. :wink: Jk


There’s also an option D to go ahead with, provide two templates of the boss room, one awarding glory, the other awarding arcanes. Which one gets picked is decided at random, just like the other rooms are handled. That approach would even work (and possibly be quite welcome) for the other delves already released.