New Faction - The Warren


Because your greed has more hp thanks to stat boost from your hoard
Greeds cast gives gold equal to his hp

Edit: you said from a 4 match? I dont think you get that much gold from a 4 match


I used a gold team almost from the start and never seen anything like this.


Where did she say that?


Global chat right after the “filter color” bug was fixed.


Thanks. Wish the devs would repeat things like that here.


It’s the holiday. So possibly they’ve just been to busy to. Or maybe @Fourdottwoone has gotten his wish. It’s a bug that they don’t intend to fix
There’s always the slight chance that I am wrong. :wink:
But if it’s option C then most likely Kafka was wrong and provided bad data. :wink: Jk


There’s also an option D to go ahead with, provide two templates of the boss room, one awarding glory, the other awarding arcanes. Which one gets picked is decided at random, just like the other rooms are handled. That approach would even work (and possibly be quite welcome) for the other delves already released.


So here we are a month later…

I don’t think having those traitstones in the rewards was very balanced…


I still think it’s a good idea, makes it somewhat easier for newer players to catch up. They could probably tone down the number of arcanes gained a bit, e.g. by introducing a glory version and a traitstone version of the boss room and making the delve generator pick one of them at random.


I think it’s good. With pet rescues, delves, faction events, guild event, trophy reqs ect it’s hard to find time to actually grind for traitstones. I was lucky on my main account that I finished traitstone grinding before all those modes came out but on my second account with all those modes and the new raid, invasion, bounty, tower of doom, delve and legendaries that come out without traitstones it’s hard to find time to grind for 21 different arcanes. I currently need over 4k different arcanes so being able to do level 20 daily delves and never worry about arcane lights is a big help. I think offering a few more different arcanes would be a really good idea but just 3 or 4 more not too many.


It does not seem to be a forthcoming pattern for future delves. I’m okay with things like this being introduced en masse, but one-offs are … weird.

Imagine if they gave us a single +2 +2 -2 banner and left it alone. Weird, right?


It’s not like there is only one Faction with only 8 rooms…

Now Warren is the 1st Faction whose requires to clear 5 rooms to be completed. That could be a reason to give better rewards than the other factions.


Much like the Ninja fix to GW XP… This to should be appreciated while it lasts.


I think having arcane traitstones as Delve rewards is a good thing.

I think releasing them one by one is a terrible thing. It creates exactly what we see here: people slowly filling up on one TS at a time. If they plan on making 1 arcane exclusive to factions that drop them, it could be 21 months before every arcane is available.

It’d be more satisfying if each Delve could produce any arcane with any of its colors. That covers a lot of different traitstones per faction and adds a lot of variety. It’s slightly better than “9 random traitstones”, but still a very big boost for people at all ends of the spectrum.

Basically I want either:

  • 21 factions, each with one specific traitstone, released right now.
  • Some factions drop arcane traitstones with a relatively large randomized pool.

I mean, now any Glory Troop bundle with Arcane Lights is a real :poop:. The value of that traitstone is terrible now that it’s trivial for players to get 9 daily.


Again, my issue is that there don’t seem to be any plans to do this again. Check out the next two rooms here (spoilers within), its just right back to the same rewards as the previous boss fights.


That’s really, really disappointing.

And now that the devs have left this as-is for so long, it’s unfair if they take it back.


So the multiple TS for the Warren’s isn’t on the known issue list despite the devs knowing about it.

So I guess it’s safe to assume it’s working as intended… We’ll see. :grinning:


“Balancing” is a most used word in regarding of Undeworld.

Let’s take us another example: Ingots!

When the Underworld wasn’t there, it took weeks or even month till you could finish a gold/mythic weapon. The only way was playing PvP like crazy and hoping for luck or you had to buy some shoptiers in Guild Events to get some additional ones. Now, when the Underworld is here and for players, who play it like crazy probably have finished most or even ALL of their gold/mythic weapons now.

For me THIS already took the balancing completely away and rewarding the players with arcanes is just like “it’s the underworld-it’s normal!”.

But we can also note, that this arcane is only useful for endgameplayers. New ones will not get many. You have to play ALL rooms to get 4. As beginner you will probably go till level 50, so you could farm 20 arcanes, which is just one troop you can trait with that. Also the “trick” with playing only level 20 on events will not work, because you have to do the bossroom to receive this ones.

So only endgameplayers will do profit with that and being that you probably have 90% of the troops traited already. So does it make any differerence, if you have 200 of each stone or 200 of each stone and 500 lightstones?

I really LOVE the Underworld and would have quitted the game already, when this wasn’t there. It’s challenging and good rewarding. But I was shocked when you could see others palyers profile and their underworld-stats and you noticed, that like 90% of the players totally ignore or play the underworld of an absolutely minium. Now it could be also a good strategy of the devs to add better rewards (like the case with the arcanes) to motivate players to play more underworld :wink:


If they made it random traitstones would be much appreciated by an ocd player like myself who likes to keep his arcane amounts at least close. I think I have like 200 more lights now than any other arcane and warrens isn’t even my farming faction. Also having no way to spend them in soulforge is frustrating. I’d love to be able to crush them into jewels or something.

I hope they return the rewards to glory. New players need glory too as well as old players.