New Faction - The Warren

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New Faction: The Warren

Join Tezca, as you explore the twisting tunnels of the The Warren!

We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, ruled over by Luna!

To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for The Warren.

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4,400 shards for max legendary
5,600 shards for max ultra-rare and epic
7,800 shards for max rare

Not too bad


Troop color restrictions isn’t working when trying to do the delve. But if you don’t use the right color then the game restarts.

I believe I’m supposed to use Green/Yellow troops but it would be helpful to most if the game locked the colors like it’s supposed to.

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Wait, the devs thought these faction troops are strong enough to win 5!! faction battles to clear a delve?


I think I will forever stick with this plan to upgrade the hoard now. It’s fast and effective, without being too expensive.

And yeah, minimum 5-room to clear each stages is a big, bad news…


People want Delves to be shorter and faster so of course the devs keep making it longer and longer. :person_facepalming:


I levelled my faction to level 100 just now using my higher rarity treasures but the quality is still only 6/10? Am I missing something? All my other factions are 10/10 at level 100

You were unlucky. Quality increases by chance, not for sure, see chance percents on the hoard screen.

Well that’s just stupid. Especially when I used only higher rarity. Now I’ll have to level past 100 which I didn’t want to do

Bunnies are too shy to have small holes.

Is it just me or does Trickster seem incredibly annoying and OP in Delve?

Starts w/ 75% mana, only costs 11, switches 2 around?

How to completely F the players and P them off.


I’ve been dreading it all month and it hasn’t failed to deliver.


Yeah altough I think it’s a very sub optimal faction to keep low for farming purposes, I may just do it just to not deal with all the frustration at higher level against this BS troop, I’m very conflicted right now

They need big lairs because multiplying…

ENOUGH with this set of three colors. Please let the other banner color combinations show up.

Preferably before +2 green +1 blue -1 yellow, and +2 yellow +1 blue -1 green.


It’s OK, the next one will be +2 Red, +1 Blue, -1 Brown

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Yeah, been waiting for that one for quite a while now … that and +2 red +1 green or +2 green +1 red.

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Took me a total of 8.6k shards for max ascension more than the previous faction, the Rare was eluding me:

The boss room now awards an arcane traitstone as part of the room loot, subject to the treasure multiplier. That’s actually quite generous towards players that haven’t been around for years, it helps them a bit to catch up to the huge backlog that has been piling up.