New Faction - The Warren


It’s a bug. The devs will fix it at some point.


Why should it be a bug? It’s listed as part of the room reward, so it looks very much intentional.


Because @Kafka said so. 🤷
If I say something is a bug, it’s cause I heard it on good authority.


It’s neither mentioned in the Known Issues list nor in this thread, so if it really is a bug the devs seem content to keep it the way it is.


RNG was in my favour this time. 7,000 shards to mythic all, albeit just enough!


Exact fit for three of four troops? RNG must really be smiling on you. :open_mouth:


Water Spirit trait is one of the potential trait gains in the random room.

There are no blue colours in faction team, the banner (if you use it) is of course -1 blue. We have had that trait in the previous few factions, maybe a tiny wee bit of thought about rotating another + positive trait into the cycle wouldn’t go amiss.


Considering it was 8 PM for them when they first heard of the bug that came into existence 7 hours ago-ish. They are not in a rush to fix it. But it will be fixed. Known issues usually take days to show up on the list. It’s not a minute by minute deal.


They issued a client patch for the troop restriction bug 5 hours ago, so they were around all the time. I’d assume that changing a single server side entry in the loot table would have been trivial compared to that. Maybe they actually realized that boss rooms were supposed to drop arcanes all along and they are taking their time to properly bug fix the other delves accordingly.


For some reason this bug is still around.


Weird…I thought all client patches took “client” approval and required more than asset downloads on the server side.

Maybe trying to argue that it isn’t a bug will make it not a bug. :grinning:
If I remember right, she said that the Arcane TS was intended for the future (maybe now). But the multiplier was at least the bug.
I’m getting 4 Arcane TS for every boss room. You’ve been playing this game was too long to think that’s is intended.


You need to restart your client:


It is intended that way, you get 1 Arcane, subject to your Room treasure multiplier. If it is 3.5 or higher (which it likely is during the event, clearing all rooms) you’ll get 3.5 Arcanes, rounded up to 4. Room rewards have always been calculated like this.


Outside of double TS events. There has NEVER been a game mode that gives more than 1 TS per battle (treasure maps are not a battle).
And during the Moa event when it was giving more than 2 TS at first… The devs fixed… The…Bug.


One could argue that you need to do up to 9 battles to get those more than 1 Arcanes. And the other rooms have always been handing out multiple traitstones, minor ones for ultra-rare rooms, major ones for epic rooms and runic ones for legendary rooms if my memory serves right.

I know what you are saying, I feel this is one of the many threads where a little less dev silence would really demonstrate community management done well.


Devs claim to listen to feedback, then give us a MINIMUM 5 battle delve. All the feedback so far on delves is that they take too long…


they even said on stream they were going to make all faction team easier to win in some manner…then next faction to come out has more rooms to boss?dafuq


I don’t even mind the five rooms path as much as the faction team itself. What’s the win condition of those troops, hope that the random effect picks Death Mark and all of them proc?


I’d feel better about the faction team if it wasn’t 5 rooms. The win condition is probably lots of charms, then chucking luna axes, hoping for faerie fire at some point.


Problem for that approach is no heals, no summons, no focus damage. And yes, having to pull it off five times in a row doesn’t help either. I suspect even trying to win level 200 might feel like a chore.