New Faction - The Warren


I did, but it only worked after restarting my PC too… Well, at least it worked out.




The sparkly level-up thing for Pan’s Vale is showing up underground now.



I used 7,000 shards to mythic all of them as well. :smile_cat:

Someone else in my guild did it with 7,000 shards.


Mine was 7620. Way too many legendaries tho


You need to upgrade it as least 9 times to reach Quailty Level 10. Using too much high-rarity Treasures will get you too quick to reach Hoard Level 100.

That’s why I create a spreadsheet to calculate the best, balance way to do it. But as you’re already at Hoard Level 100, I suggest donating 5x Priest’s Chalice 4 times to reach Quailty Level 10.


What are y’all doing with these banners? Why keep reusing the same color sets? It’s meteor all over.


The devs have said before that they don’t design or schedule glory troops based on prior availability of the arcane stone (this was a while ago, and things might have changed). So there were feast-or-famine situations in the past, where a traitstone wasn’t available for a year and then was in the glory shop two out of three weeks. I suspect something similar happens here: the devs design a set of four troops, then choose the appropriate banner colors, independent of anything except whether that exact banner has been used before.


A little more than 9,600 shards here. RNG strikes again. :disappointed:


I’m using Cedric, Egg Thief, Greed and Skeleton Key…
The Delve is giving me the moneybags trait for each troop. My gold cap in these matches is 600.

anyone else experiencing this?


Cedric’s room gives you moneybag trait. Its one of the few positive effects you can get after defeating a room
You can see other positive effects at


I didnt even notice I had been through it!
Thank you


This Faction seems to have 3 potential Treasure rooms available at once, unlike Crypt Keeper with only got 1 garanteed room. Quite interesting to use gold-based team, as Cedric/Mimic room will be quite common.

Overall, total multiplier might be a bit higher than expected, but still, I think maximum multiplier won’t be as high as Sea of Sorrow / Primal Rift.


Yes but why do I start with super fast gold gaining?


If I want to use this faction for farming purposes, is it best to stay at level 20?


Not quite sure what you mean by that


Yes. It’s not that you can’t beat level 30 or 40 easily. It’s just a little bit faster at level 20, which is kind of the point of farming: maximum resource gain with minimum effort expended.


Awesome thanks!


Did somebody do the math yet and can confirm?


In the first room, make a 4-match and your gold jumps from 0 to 180+.