New Faction - Primal Rift


Did someone success to get all the rewards? If yes, at which Delve level?

It seems it will take ages…


I think I calculated 500,000 points to earn all rewards. Assume 200 points per Delve, times the bonus for levels (averaging slightly better than a x3 multiplier across the entire Delve, which seems plausible given that the multiplier starts at 2x and goes to 4+ by the time you reach the points-heavy boss room). That means we need to accumulate 2500 levels’ worth of Delves to reach all reward tiers. I think this occurs somewhere around 220, which seems consistent with the PC/mobile leaderboard.


Yeah, just finished the all stage rewards, I can confirmed that it can be done in just around Level 200-250.

Despite the point required is 7x more than old system: 500,000 instead of 70,000, it still ended around the same level as before. I’m glad for that.


Did you clear all available rooms each level to get the last reward or was there a point where you decided some rooms weren’t worth the risk and went straight for the boss? Trying to figure a good team for level 150+


Until level 200, yes. I didn’t skip a single room untill that point. I lose twice now beyond that, so I skip risky rooms sometimes to advance faster and be able to try Faction team in Underworld.

As there is 3 more free sigils to get tomorrow. It’s okay to skip some rooms if it might cause you to lose some troops and unable to beat the boss room.


Wind tunnel room 5 times, 5 times avoided.


I thought it was 150 you got all rewards at? Urgh… taking it beyond 200 is just infuriating and painful.


This faction’s mirror match. Devs? You can have it back. I don’t want it anymore. 200 is my limit, I don’t need the renown that badly enough to try it again.

Slowest thing ever.


Yeah I played it at 230 and ended up quitting out. yawn


But it’s also the most easy of all i think (never bothered much other than crypt with faction though)?

I did up to 200 too for now seen i try every 100 and ran out of tokens at 280, however, what i always did is let the first troop die on first fight (or the common one if happen i dont have luck with summons) and summon until i get a treant, isnt immune to entangle but especially if the dryad buff his magic he can get quite a nice attack.