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New Faction - Primal Rift

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/new-faction-primal-rift/

New Faction: Primal Rift

Join Rowanne, as you explore the chaos of the Primal Rift!

We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, ruled over by Alderfather!

To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for Primal Rift.

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Woot new faction!


Let the fun begin


Certainly a nice way to start :smiley:


Someone lost their space bar for a bit here…?

I don’t know about “plantlife” as one word either but this one, well …


7200 shards to max out


Took me 8,000 to mythic all 4 troops.

1 Alderfather
6 Dark Dryad
22 Green Golem
26 Redthorn (- 5 from buying Tier 6, so 21)

sadly, I need to pull for 1 more Alderfather

(1000 more to pull the 7th Alderfather)


The first association: “Flower children” (i.e. hippie).

What a great weapon!


So you’re thinking

Green Golem
Dark Dryad

I got the extra just in-case I want to tinker with ideas.

On paper, I think I want Dark Dryad first.
then its a toss up if I want a 2nd Dark Dryad (incase 1st dies) or Green Golem
Then 3rd slot is a wild card
Then you need at least 1 Alderfather

Will have to check 4 faction troop bonus to see if its even worth using. (currently doing quality level junk)

It might be worth using Redthorn despite its lack of benefit to the team.

4 Forest of Thorns -> 3 Forest of Thorns

9 Life - 6 Life - 3 Life
9 Armor - 6 Armor - 3 Armor
6 Attack - 3 Attack

4 Elementals -> 3 Elementals

6 Life - 6 Life
3 Attack - 3 Attack
3 Magic

4 Faction troops -> 3 Faction troops () is with 2x pet

2 (4) Magic -> 1 (2) Magic
2 (4) Life -> 2 (4) Life

3 troops

3 Life
3 Armor
3 Attack
4 Magic

13 stats lost without Redthorn… Might still be worth it.

2 troops

9 Life
3 Armor
6 Attack
1 Magic

19 stats lost with having 2 unique troops. Doesn’t seem worth it.

The fact that the Dryad isn’t replaceable makes me a bit nervous putting it up front, but with two Alderfathers you could hopefully ensure that the lead troop stays entangled. I’m not thrilled that the Alderfathers are completely mana-blocked, but I don’t see myself casting Green Golem pretty much ever.

Devs did not listen to us about Alderfather/Nimue issue and released a copy of Nimue. A shame.


Biggest issue of Green Golem theorycrafting is that its not immune to entangle. Not ideal in a mirror match.

This is more awkward than I expected, may try Green Golem, 2 Dark Dryad, Alderfather. I don’t know, this isn’t going to be a fair faction.

Redthorn is just here to screw us in the mirror match at higher levels with Infernal Armor lol.

Ok, now I’m seeing things. Epic Nimue and Epic Leviathan while facing Delve 20?

Been like that since 4.1 and speaking of which, hey devs, where is my Epic Xathenos from chests?! He shows up as Epic along with Bone Dragon! AND WHY ISN’T VIPER AND VENOXIA IN GOLD CHESTS? THEY ARE RARE IN DELVES!

Ahem Yeah… devs need to fix that bug.

Finally, it’s here! Time to try to get that 11K renown. :grin:

Too much King’s Crown from Portal opening, so I try to upgrade the hoard by using most of them. It costs 460K gold, not too bad.

The excel file for calculation is available here.


And, as we can see on the example of Primal Rift, a faction must not be close to its host kingdom.

Just did Faction 100 with the delve team. I ended up casting Green Golem multiple times, if only to play it like a Goblin Rocket and moving ideal matches around.