New Faction - Primal Rift


Yeah, that was the exception I could think of: if the exploded gem set up a 4+ match. Did you have Golem or Dryad in the lead role?


I have Golem upfront for now. In these early phases, I find I’m running out of armor to steal; its a bit awkward. I doubt that luxory will hold later.

Already did lose a few turns waiting for entangle to wear off of it on the actual boss room though.

It also means delaying Dark Dryad cast since stealing armor just to buff attack while entangled would/should just lead to 0 attack gain…


Doubt it already happened but what happen if in a faction run Alderfather summon a treant instead of the golem?

Still count as faction run or is screwed?


Doubt it already happened but what happen if in a faction run Alderfather summon a treant instead of the golem?
Still count as faction run or is screwed?

That’s… a good question. I would assume yes, you’d get screwed over and would need to do it all over again. That means this could easily be the worst as a bad summon could be game over.


I’m trying to figure out if this is the new “best” farming faction.

  • Sea of Sorrows was the previous best. It has 5 rooms at III or above, and 3 level IV rooms.
  • Primal Rift is the only other faction with 5 rooms at III or above. It has 2 level V rooms, but only 1 level IV.

So the question I don’t know how to answer is, “Is one level V room worth 2 level IV rooms?” Can someone link me to a list of the rooms and their effects?


Epic’s best rarity is 1.25 while legendaries is 1.5 so in theory, you could get both 1.5 rooms so it might be better in the long run especially since, all but one legendary room guarantee 1.3 or higher. Of course Goblins screw this up by being 1.2


Another thing to consider is the faction team. I look at Sea of Sorrows’ troops and I have no idea how to assemble a team that will clear a level 200 Delve, let alone 300 or 500. At least with Primal Rift I see a potential strategy.


From @Ashasekayi, not sure if it includes the latest rooms:

I did a quick estimate this morning, may have made some mistakes but it seemed to me that Primal Rift has about the same treasure multiplier as Sea of Sorrow, but maybe a worse treasure chest level. So if my math and assumptions were ok (doubtful) then Sea might be better than Primal for farming at level 20, if you only care about max treasure from farming.


Primal Rift is worse.
Comparing to Sea of Sorrow, Primal Rift has common room instead of a rare room, ultra-rare room instead of an epic room and legendary room instead of an epic room.
Numbers for chest upgrade and treasure multiplier are available at and one room upgrade is not worth two room downgrades.


I’m not updating that spreadsheet any longer. Lyya keeps an automated list of rooms:


Im just gonna repeat the obvious, weapon is trash, and Nimue is better.


Primal Rift has the best possible total multiplier now. It’s 4.55.


Wouldn’t it make more sense to look at the mean, if we want to estimate average treasure?


What are thoughts on winning 500 with pure faction here? Any better or worse than current options?


As much as I know the team composition at the end of the battle counts. You can have any troops during the battle, as long as you finish with faction troops only you are good.


Thank you! I was looking for this!
( Now i need to look for the resources :joy:)


Well, we are lucky, seem actually only count the team you start with, just did lvl 100 and not only the hag turned the first 2 in toads but also finished the boss room with 3 treants in team an it counted as “faction”.


At least 75% of all trash produced can be recycled and repurposed, i guess we should be happy the weapon’s art is not repulsive, but it’s really underwhelming compared to the art of all troops and background on this faction.


In my opinion, most likely better than Sea of Sorrow, though that’s not saying much…

4 rooms to complete, even if its just a Rare and Ultra Rare room, is taxing at 500
Early faction level range seems easy, but I wonder how much of a role enemy Stealthy Rosethorns that do big damage will be.
No direct damage dealer (worth any value), similar to Sea of Sorrow…


I get what you mean. Have you ever used an imp on a team?. Idea time, create 5 green gems boosted by entagled enemies x2. Or boosted damage for entagled enemies or deal x3 damage if the target is entagled.

EDIT: Make Wildplains great again!