New Faction - Hell Gate

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New Faction: Dripping Caverns Join the Herald of Chaos, as you explore the dark realm of the Hell Gate! We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, overseen by the Judge of the Dead! To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event…

So, is it Hell Gate or Dripping Caverns?:man_facepalming:t2:


It’s interesting, left me immediately wishing for higher soul cap in battles, but yeah, that would make soul grinding way too easy…

That’s curious, I expected the faction will be more to the south-east, in the mountains close to Amanithrax, near a lake.

Good damage from Judge of the Dead requires 2 Charonases in the pure team, so I’d either take “Charonas / Fury / Judge of the Dead / Charonas”, or “Charonas / Judge of the Dead / Judge of the Dead / Charonas”.

Upd.: made it with the second team. Never take Fury with you because of her bonestorm. Lemure is also useless as long as it does not soak skull damage well.

So I can’t find hell? Could you tell me where you are finding it cause I think mine is missing?

Is pure faction level 500 possible without having to buy 20 level 7 tiers?

Only 10 if you leveled the hoard up to 201.


To the east of Werewoods.

I see. Maybe I will do it out of anger.

Good luck. You’ll need it (and everyone who wants to make renown 2500).

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I am not too crazy of that as so many of my factions is under 2500, but would be nice to get this pet to Mythic.

I know most if not all 3 room Factions have a Level 5 room in the middle that’s required.

But for a 4 room Faction… Is their any precedence to a 4 level room and 5 level room being required to complete it?

For a Hoard 191, and Tier 7, 5 times… And I can’t even make it to the final room with more than 1 troop after 2 tries.
Makes this one of the most horrendously designed Delves ever. Besides the clear “gotcha” troop design elements. And constant skull storms even when they aren’t actually active during Faction Assaults at high levels. (We notice devs, and we’re just further saddened for you.)

The Gauntlet of level 250, 400, 450, and then 500 (difficulty levels) for a pure Faction Team at 500. Makes even the lost runs a long and slow grind.
That I choose to be believe the devs don’t actually consider. Because if they did… Then they are emotionless monsters at this point and don’t value anyone’s time but their selves.

Say all the pretty words otherwise. We’ve made it clear for 2+ years…Delves take too long… and you don’t care.


In my guild none of my guildmates include myself managed it with less than 11-12 tier 7s and hoard level from 160-200. (And Maurgim Kingdom to level 14 ofc) I had 180 hoard level, even think I exceeded the tier 7 of 12 purchases. Also worth to mention still needed pure luck to come all the way to the last battle and actually manage to win it - even with all the purchases.

This is a very costy event, like so many before. It is not only a big time sink, it is also an extremely expensive and frustrating one.


I was able to beat it on my fifth run by using 4 Judge of the Dead on the first try with that that build. I’ll post the video when it’s uploaded and you can skip to the end for all I care. At first…I felt like I got lucky. But then I realized that the AI/RNG was so programmed against me… That I won based on my decisions… Not luck.

I didn’t increase my tiers or hoard.

Usually I can beat the FA with Tier 7, 3 times on the weekend ever since I’ve had enough GL & ST to raise the hoard up for around a million gold. So yeah this was an above average cost for me as well.


wow congrats!

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I completed a pure faction run at level 400 using 3x Judge of the Dead + 1 Charonas, hoard level 156, and potion of power x7. I then completed level 500 pure faction using 4x Judge of the Dead after losing using the previous team.

Being able to 4x cast a damage all ability definitely maybe it easier, but things like skulls were definitely scary. But it would not have been possible without all the potions and the hoard level bonus.

Did it with 7 tier VIIs and hoard at 122.
Lemure and 3 Judges.
Funny thing is I bought the extra tiers and raised hoard cause I couldn’t clear my 310 attempt and in my second 500 try I beat it with one troop standing. Lemure actually was really useful in legendary room to eliminate draculis’ magic…:wink: