New Faction - Fang Moor


I used around 8,000 shards as well. Our luck is the exact opposite then. :sweat_smile:

I still didn’t get the new Mythic despite spending all 1K gem keys and 30K glory keys. Can I move my luck there now, please? :sob:


Also, I can’t believe the unreadable quests is still a thing. Come on devs, how hard is that to test before release? Multiple times now.


Another 5 battle minimum delve? At least in the Warrens you could choose a path. Worst…delve…ever.


Just wanna quickly shout out @TimeKnight for creating the chart :grin:

If you look at TimeKnight’s original post there’s an excel sheet where you can adjust the numbers according to what resources you already have


This faction team is quite bad… It can barely handle itself in a regular pvp match.

Im rather sick of these lulzrandom faction teams where its main win condition has a better chance of smacking you in the face at level 500 then it does to help you.

Really, someone could make an argument that this faction team is good… until you realize you need to clear 5 rooms to beat it. Luck holding out that long is just unlikely.

Even 100 wasn’t fun since one of my matches just didn’t want to go the right way.

It wins quick when the stars align, for what its worth.


Ultimately it would depend on “what kinds of prizes can we expect”.

In this case they are so close it’s hard to decide if it matters. Most of the good rewards are x1 from a room. So making an extra .13 or whatever doesn’t actually add up to more rewards. (Example: If you were getting 1 Glory from a room, both 3.94 and 4.07 round to 4. So really this only matters slightly for gold. The only place this matters is at odd-numbered ?.5x multipliers, such as 3.5. 3.4 rounds to 3, but 3.5 rounds to 4.)

If you want chaos shards and ingots, you can read this as “Fang Moor is so slightly fewer of those it doesn’t show up for ~100 matches.” If you want the glory and souls and other room prizes, it reads “Fang Moor is better for anything you get more than 100 of from one room.”

In the end I think it comes down to what Grundulum said: “Which of these factions would I hate to face at level 500?” I feel like I’d rather take on high-level Primal Rift. But boy would I rather get the event rewards now, haha.


When I first saw the troops, then it was promising for me, because every factiontroop who is able to boost something is viable for later stages. But you made me afraid a bit with your statement and when I played lvl 100 by myself, then I can not agree with you. For me it was a positive surpsring experience. Maybe it has also something to do which team you chosed. Had thos one:

Usually you just focus on boosting damage and this should be no problem with the Shaman. I got most times extraturns after casting with him. And if you have enough damage and a good amount of skulls on the board, then you can also cast with Setauri to finish them off. For me it’s promising…till now :smiley:


I think this faction is missing something to help the survival of the Legendary, Shaman of Set could give some life based on Bleeding stacks on enemies, a number around 2 or 3 of life per stack would be something.


Clearly their vacation posters should read:

Hiss less!
Fang Moor.


Ideas for a non faction team to use over the weekend event?


Valkyrie and Tesla are both options. You can certainly build a team around those.

  • Hero with a class like Titan (Storm Talent Tree) using Mountain Crusher + Valkyrie + Taloca + Gimlet Stormbrew.

  • Hero with Anu’s Scepter + Yao Guai + Divinia + Ragnagord. <- I’m using this.

  • Euryali + Ragnagord + Mercy + Hero with any weapon.


Under good circumstances, the team can win quick and easily. The problem comes in the high probability of backfire, both from Shaman of Set and Setauri. Setauri is very dangerous as one miscast can lead to multiple skull hits being returned on you on the next turn. Setauri’s efficiency decreases from less enemies on the board and impervious troops.

From your screenshot, your first Chief Dargon would already be dead on a higher delve difficulty.

If this was a 3 room faction, it wouldn’t be an issue, but with this being 5 rooms, the chance of the AI landing 2-3 lucky skull cascade bursts is quite high.

I beat it on Faction 100 first try, but its not an ideal faction team for upper floors. 100s are always easy (in my opinion) and most 200s are usually doable.


What are the multiplier and chest upgrade probabilities based on? I see the room percentages from, but nothing that indicates which rooms can appear for a given delve. Do we know that any of those rooms (minus Dooms and Faction-specific) can appear in any delve containing a room of that difficulty?

If I calculate odds for Fang Moor with the assumption that all rooms are possible, I get a multiplier probabilities of min:3.55, avg:3.96, max:4.5 and a chest upgrade of 4.16, so I’m doing something differently.


As far as I can tell, individual room selection pools are kept server-side and cannot be retrieved from the client through any of the means I use to gather data on gowdb.


Never mind - I didn’t see your other thread at Delve's Statistic where you list your assumptions :slight_smile:


No [object.swear (2)]
Someone needs to start paying [object.swear (5)] attention.


Oof. Shaman of Set and Setauri are absolute garbage. Bummer.


Anyone beat lv200 with faction team yet? What team did you use?


This faction only team can F right off. Worst delve ever. The Warrens is a close 2nd. I’m sure the devs are doing it on purpose because they know the weaker the team the more gems you need to throw at it to buy more attempts. Can’t even beat lv 200 unless you get an insane lucky streak for 5 battles in a row. Forget about lv 500. There is just no way to last 5 battles in a row without RNG killing you, 3 might be possible but not 5. Spells are supposed to be a good thing to cast, not in this team all spells have a 50/50 chance of killing your top troop. No word from devs on why suddenly delves are 5 battles minimum even though they know it’s already insanely hard with only 3.

And deathly silence on when they will make faction team easier like they said they would. My bet is they will never do it. /rant over.