New Faction - Fang Moor

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New Faction: Fang Moor

Join Dark Song, as you explore the wetlands of Fang Moor!

We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, ruled over by Chief Dargon!

To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for Fang Moor.

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Trade two Dargons for two Asps and another nine Dargons for nine Setauri??

Weird it’s tied to Khetar and not Mist of Scales. Khetar doesn’t have any naga.


… Yeah. And most of Khetar is Undead but these 4 aren’t.
@Nimhain can we please get confirmation on this.

It’s finally here, woohoo! :partying_face:


Also, if you want a guide on how to upgrade the hoard, check out this post.


Yeah. That is very confusing… i really thought it would be Mist of Scales ._.

Mist of Scales’ faction will be Dark Pits (with rats).

Oh, and all who farms souls for the Dawnbringer must be glad: Khetar’s power increased, so there will be more souls in the tribute.

So what is most important when figuring out which faction is “best” for farming? Average multiplier or Chest upgrade probability? Or multiply them both together to find largest #?

It is definitely Khetar. Fang Moor’s quest explains how it ties to Khetar.


Don’t forget “how horrible would it be to try and beat (1) at level 500, or (2) with a faction team”. That’s the reason I use Sea of Sorrows (which, incidentally, is high on both of your scales).

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I’m not sure. I didn’t use a Farming Faction strategy.

I think average multiplier is the most important. It relied least on luck. Chest Upgrade can change wildly depending on it. So far with the data we have right now, Fang Moor might just become the best Farming Faction.


I think even if the new faction is a tiny bit better technically, the fact I would have to basically not participate in this event and pass up an opportunity to get a good headstart on the journey to lv 500 means I think I’ll stick with SoS.


It takes the least amount of thought as well with it being mostly one path until near the end.

It also has two guaranteed Treasure/Buff rooms, which typically have a Room reward of 800-1200 gold. When multiplied by the Room Multiplier, it’s almost like getting PvP gold rewards at the speed of an Explore battle.

I upgraded my hoard wrong. :confused:
Had to go over 100 to get quality 10. Worst.

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I use this wonderful chart

It’s awesome. Cheapest route to Level 100/quality 10 while using a practical mix of treasure rarities.


I would argue that 27 King’s Crowns is not a practical number to spend each month.

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It will be an additional boost to your troops in delves. Some my hoards are raised up to 144 level.

8200 shards to get my 6th Dragon. Also ironically got the mythic for 2800 glory keys. Pretty happy with both outcomes. :grinning:

I wish I had taken notice how many I got in my 8200 shards. But you could be right, might be less than 27.