New Faction - Fang Moor


I was going to answer this question 3 hours ago with parts of your rant that came 6 hours later.
But, I felt I had done enough bitching about the RNG this week.
You’re absolutely right though. This new delve team is the worst way to try and win in the game.
Having to rely on RNG with gem/skull spawns or explosions puts you on a fast track to a L.

What concerns me is @Sirrian himself is saying the delves are too difficult. Yet since that public statement the Delves have only been more difficult. Not less.
So if he’s unable to rebalance the game. Who’s really pulling the strings then? Cause if it’s not Sirrian leading the ship. Then the game and the community are most likely headed for an ice berg.
The best days of GoW were when 505 had little influence on the game. I’m hoping one day we can return to that Utopia.


If I remember correctly, his response was that the difficulty was an issue of chaos shards being too rare, resulting in the lack of opportunities to upgrade treasure hoards to the appropriate levels needed for reasonable chances of a clear. I’m still assuming that whatever the rebalance will be, it will appear in 4.3.

It seems apparent that the increasing difficulty of each new delve reflects design intentions that max level delves aren’t supposed to be clearable outside of the raising a hoard to an extreme (300+) level. As players keep showing how level 500 delves are clearable at hoards levels 100-150, the difficulty keeps racheting up on these new delves until these clears are no longer possible. The implications of needing to level each delve’s hoard to those kind of levels is a debate of its own topic.

You, me, and practically every vet on this forum knows that ship sailed a long time ago. The game is far, far, past the point of no return on that front.


The only way to “win” with delves is give up on trying to get 2500 out of each one. It’s a pipe dream and an obvious trap. I’ve just been happy getting 2200 (hoard lv 100). The amount of gems and gold and time required to get those last few hundred renown is simply not worth it. Better to give the millions upon millions of gold to your guild. Imo the gold sink was the main goal with these delves from their conception.



I agree, and it’s been kind of weird - my assumption has been that these are the ones they had planned already and they just haven’t gotten around to whatever fix they had in mind, yet. But… :man_shrugging:.


Just let us use our Hero in faction team. Problem solved.


Please no. A hero would ruin the whole challenge and had nothing to do with faction troops only. You simply could use titan class for barrier and Dragon eye and everything is a cakewalk.

There are currently 2 points which made it hard to play faction troops only: too many rooms to pass and the less amount of treasure troops to upgrade the hoard.

Option would be, that there are more ways to get this treasure troops (for example soul forge) or you add something like a “teleportation orb”, which allows you to skip a special amount of rooms.


Lack of treasure troops is not a limiting factor for me. It is lack of gold. I recognize that gold can be acquired without limit, but I don’t want to spend five hours a day on PVP to be able to use all my treasures—I am already approaching burnout at my current level of activity.

The teleport idea is a good one. Maybe we need a “potion of fireball” added to the list of things to come in future versions.


Try this out:


I beat level 100 after 9 tries. Wasted my 3 daily delves and 6 faction event sigils doing it. Was just going to use my daily delves but after I kept failing that I got pissed off and had to do it no matter what.


Already beat Level 150 in first try.
Just tried Level 200. All first 3 room is great with no troops lost, then Scaled Court with Lumia happened. :angry:

Now that I have to beat the boss like this, I really can’t win.

So basically, if you want to try Faction team here, check the Epic room first. If it’s Scaled Court, just give up and use your normal team. There is no hope in that room.

Edit : Finally did it. Need 5 tries in total.


Did 160 yesterday, today tried 200 got last room down to last enemy troop (was my shaman with 300att 30 hp vs enemy asp at 20 hp but ofc can imagine who of the 2 got the first skull match from the sky :P).

Was using dargon, asp, dargon, shaman, got to last room with 1 dargon and the shaman.

On last attempt (used the 3 daily runs to try faction runs) tried dargon x 3 and a shaman, all gone good until i reached the room right before boss, the game gave me the x2 lamia team so i didnt even tried lol.

Now gone ahead with the event so think i will be happy with the lvl 160 i did before and will forget about more faction runs there (like in many other lol).


Just cleared 150 with the faction team. Almost the same order as theirs in the boss room.

And got them all ascended finally… stupid ultra…


So basically what everyone is saying is 150 is the sweet spot, because 200 isn’t fun to attempt in the slightest.


I beat 180lvl and 220lvl with Chief Dargon x3/Shaman of Set


For high lvl delve too the end. This is the most solid and safest team to use. Its chief dragon yasmines pride apothecary and ketras. You have everything in this team. With kraken banner


200 is defo doable (aslong you dont get lamias with a dargon based team hehe), just , am near 300 on the event now and out of normal daily delve runs, am not so fussed about few renown points, it can wait like all others until someday “soon” lvl 500 faction will be doable.


Could always level up your delve, don’t have to stay low can max at 1000.


200 is definitely doable. It’ll just take quite a few tries. I keep getting stuck with the Bogstrider/Tangle modifer rooms. Or Dwarves.


But then I’m doing exactly what the devs want, throwing gold at the useless delves getting no resources in return instead of LT’s where whole guild gets resources.