New Faction - Eldrazhor

Sorry, but no go, PS4 tells that I have the latest version installed. Also, if directly checking the language file (GemsOfWar_Russian.json) it shows that no changes were made

Exactly that happened to me the new faction wasn’t on there n just lost 4000 keys issue

Means? Keys? Which keys are you referring to?

Thanks for reporting back. We are looking into this.

Fixed. Language files are ok now

We have deployed new text. Please restart your game and device.:heart:

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1600 Shards to Max Epic
2600 to Max Legendary
6800 to max Ultra rare
7800 to max Rare.

Ended up with 7 Matrons!
Now for the grind…


That was a great storyline. Tyri follows the same approach to dungeons as my old D&D group.


Drop rates for the faction are posted in-game.



Is this because I started a vault?
It’s been like this all weekend despite the new FA.

that happens when you claim all of the rewards in the delve event


Matron’s boost multiplier is counting cursed allies instead of cursed opponents. Is that just a visual bug?

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Keeper of Souls just used his spell to transform purple to skulls, then get an extra turn, evntho my Hero is enraged when I slam their front troop with skulls I dont manage to ignore his 3rd trait of summoning upon death.

What am I missing here? I feel its something I overlooked.

Enraged bypasses things like skull damage resistances. It doesn’t stop any specific on troop death traits as they occur after the skull damage. A hero killed this way can still summon a bandit in its place afterward. So it is operating as it supposed to based on other occurrences with a similar condition.



Then something is not right, the description clearly says that it ignores the enemy traits.

I read that as your attack ignores the traits. But on death traits occur after the attack which makes it outside of what enrage ignores.

The way I understand it is that enrage should ignore the trait upon damage, which means the trait will be inactive, so no summon will happen.

I am tired now, so I am not 100 % sure if my logic is good or bad. If it is working as intended, that you already replied for, so thank you.

What that means is enrage ignores/bypasses enemy traits that protect the target from skull damage. Such as skull reduction traits like stoneskin and agile.

You would have to stun the troop to prevent it from summoning. :grinning:

Although the literal translation is another one that’s wording could be clearer.