New Faction - Crypt Keepers


At least they are starting to make and use some keywords now, maybe once they finish that the Help Center could have them all listed.

And being really optmistic some of these could have examples of behaviors that usually causes confusion among new players.

And if someone actually believes in miracles: Wild Plains rework before the end of 2019! :smile:


This is where I hope it’s oversight or a bug.
Cause this makes my head spin.
This never causes a positive status effect.

Because of if it did. It would say this.
But most likely the new troops weren’t properly tested by QA (like often is the case) so this dude.

Caused double true damage on its cast when Targetting Megavore. Despite mega being fully traited and having this…
Because Megavore was Submerged.
@Cyrup (tagging you because I’m not making a separate bug thread. It would just start a debate about “status effects”. Which should never be a debate)


Sorry but i can’t find the info: will there be any ways to get the weapon aside from the store?


Megavore is immune to Status Effects, not status effects, and Spectral Force is based on status effects. There’s your problem!


Probably an oversight by using unclear words. They can just use “Deal double damage if enemy have any status effect” on Spectral Knight, and there won’t be this problem.

Sometimes they just have players assume that any status effect giving to enemies will always be a negative ones, while giving to allies will be positive (Domovoi is an exception). It’s better to just clearly stated it without players making any assumption.

Still, Spectral Knight’s behavior could be a bug involved with not checking if enemies got positive or negative status effect. But if it’s by intended designed, it’s quite a great spell for a new counter troop.


Then it needs to say in the text ANY status effect. Including positive ones.


Just found this new Treasure room with positive effect! (Gain Warded) Its art is very cool!

Also, why does Legendary Goblin room got lower extra multiplier than Ultra-Rare Mushroom room? Is it to secretly tell players to take a risk of getting turned in to Mushroom, but avoid messing with Fizzbang’s endless loop? :thinking:


The goblin room has a whopping 60% chance at upgrading your chest level! That is much nicer than a bit more gold/souls.


Since devs refuse to create “Oracle text,” we should do it ourselves.


Some feedback from high level Delves. The chest upgrade doesn’t seem to work for crap. I call it crap mechanics. Others call it “bad luck”.
The bad luck also extends to gem creation. Spawners can’t match for an extra turn despite say 30 brown on the board. 3 skulls dropping in a cascade is, more often than not, done in favor for the AI.
Devs, you insist on “luck factor” being a strategy in your game. That’s obviously never gonna change. Perhaps review it to keep in mind troops that deal 150 skull damage in Delves. At level 200+ the AI shouldn’t get any favorable luck.
You’re giving the players a butter knife and throwing them into a gun fight.
Major props to those who have defeated level 300+ Delves. I have no idea how that’s possible currently.


@TimeKnight, was that you who posted a video of a delve battle? If so, do you remember which thread it was? Clicking your name I can check your posts in a thread but don’t know how to search forumwide.

Preparing for Tuesday, my first time trying for a high delve level. Testing your Glaycion / infernus / yasmine’s pride / megavore red/ylw/brn team. It’s doesn’t seem like a kind of team I’m used to, so was going to check out how you used it.


Phew! Just finish all 16 stage rewards with only 400 more than required 70K points before running out of sigil. Very close call!!

I lose twice, and forced to not finish all room 4 times, due to the death of main attacking troop. I end up at exactly Level 250, just the middle of the full progress!

I only buy up to Tier IV (410 gems), so you could finish all reward stages for just buying new weapon. As I didn’t have a perfect run, It should be possible to go higher, or stop farming at around Level 200.

Noted that if you decided to farm on Level 20 instead, with the same amount of sigils as me, you would get around 16,800 (24×700) points less, so you have to spend more gems if you want to finish last 2 rewards stage.

Here’s the screenshot.

Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!

Nope, I’m still have no idea how to record screenshot video on mobile. There is the one in Delve Strategy thread, I think.


I bought all tiers except the last one and played on level 30. Finished the last reward stage Saturday with 1 sigil left, plus free sigils Sunday.

Thanks, the video was from jzg: Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


I was able to finish all rewards with tier 4 doing only level 20. I must have been extremely lucky with valravens :grin:

1 valraven more than back to be exact


Were you careful to always do the high treasure multiplier rooms first?

I wasn’t. If those rooms had runic traitstones that I need, I would sometimes do lower rooms first to get the multiplier up and get an extra runic. This cost me some reward points.


Yes that was what i did


That’s… interesting to know. But also, very unlikely.

Valravens are tightly controls, like in Raid/Invasion, only around 1 Valraven per 2 fight, or double the amount of sigils you get if you play it carefully.

My experience in Delve is like that as well. Tier IV would give me 30 sigils in total, pretty close to where I ended up, but might not enough to close that 16K gap you miss from not beating the boss and stay at Level 20.

Would you mind providing us screenshot next time? It would be very useful to new players who are not ready to advance yet. I already provided all the data and screenshot from my strategy.


I farmed delve 30 during the event. I bought tier 6, and I had 6 Valravens drop in. I finished the reward stages with 5 sigils remaining. So, I could have gotten all rewards with less tiers.

After I played those remaining 5 sigils, another Valraven dropped. So, the total Valravens that I encountered in this event was 7 valravens.


yes i know it was unlikely, thats why i said i was very lucky.
i cant post a screenshot this time as i ended up buy 2 more tiers to be on the leaderboard, but i will next time if i get lucky again
btw i couldnt finish class event with tier 3 like i always do, so i guess the luck kinda balanced out