New Faction - Crypt Keepers


I take it you missed this detail before…


Now that’s a board I can start with!! :wink:


What is your Crypt-Team?


Still didn’t get to play it yet, probably use the same team as the one in Hall of Guardian.

With my beating-all-rooms keep-pushing-forward strategy, I afraid it might take me higher than Level 100 now, maybe close to 200. But I think I can do it! (If I don’t get burned out again…)

Team Building

Also, my precious, I hope we will see each other again…

Awryan, I make that guess before Taran editing his post to add more info, so I didn’t really miss it.

I have some expectations about the storyline, and turned out it’s pretty close to the official one.

Story spoiler


  • A group of Knights is sent to battle at Ghulvania to stop its Invasion. Successful at doing it, but losing most of their lives in the process. Some of them have burials there, and get forgetten in history.


  • A group of Knights is going against their king’s will to stop the Ghulvania Invasion. Doing an great job for it without much casualties, but their king decide to be a jerk and execute them all, cursing and sealing them on different dimension on top of that.


May I ask, does traiting the treasure cards add anything when turning in for horde quality? I haven’t seen any one comment on this yet…


not in the slightest


LoL… ahhhhhh just as I thought, but your answer got me to chuckling because what was I thinking… LoL :rofl:


I admit I grimaced a bit when I read the storyline (especially since the flavour text of Queen’s Herald has me on edge since forever), but given that even Luther didn’t remember Morana as an actually-existing person, I am pretty sure that this was in Sword Edge’s past - likely not even Ysabelle’s father, but maybe grandfather or great-grandfather as king. Or maybe even unrelated to Ysabelle, given how the guy was obviously not a nice guy and given how Sword’s Edge is structured, some guys might have kicked him off of his throne.

At least I want to hold onto my hope that Sword’s Edge doesn’t get the Leonis-lore-treatment. (Though I do hope by now that at least Khorvash gets redeemed and the whole Moneylender-business as well as the weird polygamy-Ishbaala-crap has come to Leonis after he stopped being Emperor, since the rebellion was clearly long before Voice of Orpheus appeared. But who knows. Still hoping for lore confirmation…)


I wonder if Morana and her knights fashioned new armor after they were banished from Sword’s Edge, or if that was the armor they wore in life. ’Cause I’m not really getting a “chivalry and honor” vibe from what I see on those troops.

@xXOdessaXx, I’m having fun so far with
Green/Blue banner
Jar of Eyes
The Worldbreaker

The fourth troop could be whatever you want for utility, since the first three cover all colors.


Any suggestions for troop compositions?


For speed at low level, I’m using
Pyggra / Arachnaean Weaver / Tesla / Ragnagord.

Some redundancy in case of transform, and summoning in case of devour.

Just timed a level 30 delve, took 8 min including loading screens and the chest opening. For other factions people said it took 5 minutes per delve, so maybe I can bring the time down with a better team for daily farming. These colors also offer sunbird, some trolls, infernus, pharoah hound.

I meant to keep this faction at level 20, but the very first delve I did the boss room by habit.


so the farming method is:

Do all rooms except boss?

Also , someone mentioned unlimited delves. Is that because you can continue by adding gems at will?


For daily farming (not events) you can do the boss room and stay at the same delve level.

With hoard quality 10, you can’t farm the event and get the treasure you’re used to, since you can’t defeat the boss room and stay at the same level. So your delve chest is 4 levels lower.

Still get some rewards from the chest though.

You can keep buying the last tier in the shop for more sigils, yes.


Still havent started yet. Thank god it is a weekend long event! And dont even try to remind me of Tuesday… :grin:


Doesn’t make any difference here when I’m working all weekend, hopefully I can get done what I can :crossed_fingers:


I’m once again using the faction team. Its fascinating how it interacts.

Also frustrating.

The myriad of statuses involved means certain rooms are anathema. In addition to the usual nightmare fuel, AKA Bulettes. Given there’s an obvious tank - I really need Morana to stay in front.

I’m about to start a delve with both stun and freeze immunity rooms. The faction team itself has Undying which is Disease immunity. This means that my Nightshade won’t be able to inflict any status on them. However, I can still hit whatever their Mercy clone ends up Enchanting.


I started the delve event before “unlocking” the faction in the Underworld. I did a few delves through the Delve Event screen and am now at level 50 delve. After that, I went into the Underworld and finally unlocked the faction. When I go into the faction screen, it shows my completed delves but does not give me any renown for it. Bug?


Probably, but it’s possible that it’ll fix itself when you play again in the event, which could force the information to be updated. If it doesn’t work you’ll need to contact support.


Evidently “status effects” also includes positive ones like Submerge. Rather than just negative ones like poison. Wish the text could be more helpful than just having to just wait and see what it means.


While I think they do a good job with many aspects of the game, one thing the Gems of War dev team lacks is clear and consistent meanings for words — or phrasing in general. Look at the last column of the Delve table for instance — and these were all added to the game at the same time. It makes my little pedantic flower wilt every time I review it…