New Faction – Court of Foxes (Nintendo Switch)

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Join Harper, as you explore the magical realm of the Court of Foxes! We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, ruled by The Foxfire King! To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for Court of Foxes.

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So where do we find it Jeto?

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i dont see it in dwelve. so where is it hiding?

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It currently seem to be broken. They forgot to set the faction and its weapon to released, possibly other related assets too. Linking bug reports for reference.


Are they in weekend mode already, or how much time is left?
I sense a fix on monday and a 50 gem compensation coming for players on this version.


It’s not here…the event is there, but no Court of Foxes faction in the underworld.

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It’s a very good bug - it means I don’t have to worry about Faction Assault this weekend, and can spend my time instead on other quality games (with functional events) such as Star Rail and Reverse 1999.

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It seems the Devs won´t response to this issue today, meaning that the entire Faction assualt event is meaningless unless someone can telll me if progress in the assault event will re-appear onces the faction is live in the underworld. Does anyone know?
It is reallly disappointing to buy all of those tiers for saved-up diamonds and not be able to use them for progress. I am seriously thinking of quitting this game after many years of supporting with time and real money purchases.

If you play to, say, level 300 in the event, your daily delve also gets pushed to level 300, provided the level isn’t higher already. However, since you currently can’t access the faction you’ll probably be running at base hoard quality during the event.

This means missing out on all multipliers for gold, souls, glory and ingots, as well as three extra chest levels, so roughly 80% of all indirect rewards. Good luck getting that compensated.

Side questions, why are you playing Gems of War on Switch? That’s like going to some expensive restaurant, then getting served your meal in a bucket, seated on the ground, out in the open in the backyard, while it’s dark, cold and raining. If you absolutely want a terrible customer experience, ask your plumber to straighten your teeth instead, it’s less effort.


Thx for your reply, and thats what I thought also. As for playing on switch, I´ve been on that plattform for years and I´m in good guild at the moment.

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I’d assume for most people on switch who take the game semi seriously it’s not a case of wanting to play on switch but instead having got too far in before finding out the problems it has


It also means playing without the delve buff stats, which makes battles more time consuming especially at higher delve levels. Especially since I use Marilith, so it becomes a mana efficiency issue in addition to damage values.

Faction Assault is plain boring without vault access.


Indeed. My account is very high level.

now i’m curious what is GoW on PC/mobile then?

Basically the same but 9 months ahead on the content schedule.

Here are my educated guesses:

  • You are allowed to delve the Faction Assault event itself & collect event rewards (the first Delve I ever attempted myself was in a weekend Faction Assault, and before even unlocking the Underworld map itself)
  • The Faction level persists after the event is over (note that you do receive Renown for clearing the delve; +20 for each clear and +10 for each deathless)
  • If you purchase at least Tier 3 or 4, you should receive the Troops and/or Weapon when it gets fixed (Troop acquisitions are managed serverside; compare when Hellcrag debuted without the weapon you receive during the kingdom quest)
  • Because we can’t access the Faction directly yet, you cannot upgrade its Treasure Hoard (for stat boosts, better intermediary rewards, and up to +3 final delve chest level) and you cannot do a faction-team run
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Hi all,

We’re very sorry for the issue with the Court of Foxes event over the weekend.
The team are pushing out some fixes now.

We will try to reschedule Court of Foxes in the near future so you have a chance to play it.

Compensation will be sent out this week.


We appreciate your response to the confusing situation that Nintendo Switch players found themselves in. How does a new faction assault event happen when the new faction doesn’t exist in the underworld?

Please try to be more careful when scheduling weekend events when no one is here to fix things if something goes wrong. Wasted time and gems on events like this can frustrate players and cause them to quit playing.

Sometimes the best way to keep going forward is to stop and take a step back.

We have a bounty event weekend coming up, a vault weekend after that, and then guild wars, so maybe u guys can try to make court of foxes available when we don’t have a vault weekend? (I’m also factoring in the holidays as well. Scheduling too many things during this time takes away from family and friends):snowman_with_snow:


Fix is live, ty

Compensation is not.

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Still waiting for the troops and weapon purchased during the faction assault. Will those of us who bought tiers recieve the content? When will you let us know?