New Faction - Court of Foxes

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Join Harper, as you explore the magical realm of the Court of Foxes! We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, ruled by The Foxfire King! To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for Court of Foxes.


New faction since forever, so excited to tackle this one!

As with Fenix, I also have another lore to share! In my head-canon, both the Vulpacea’s and Court of Fox’s questline happened two weeks ago, during Vulpacea week. Hero was with Harper, the princess, learning the traditional history with her. While right now, the hero is with someone else, getting a spiritual vision from years ago in the past from Zhuque, which somehow tell a different story.

It make more sense in full story context, I promise :laughing:. It’s only available in my guild right now, so here is the relevant section to the faction!

…The [Vulpacean] tried their best to erase their conflict history with the Fey, and let it become a forgotten past, but not everyone agreed with the plan.

A Court of Foxes was established by a few foxfolks in secret, who tried to fix the past and improve the relationship with the Feys. It went surprisingly well, as they even learned the Fey magics like Mana Burn and Faeries Fire, and were considered the honorable Fey themselves. But when the Vulpacean learned about their action, they were condemned and exiled to the Underworld. They were also demonized to be a group of evil cunning foxes who were a danger to Vulpacea, and were as bad as the Voidcaller.

Bottom left panel should say ITS without an apostrophe.


Where are the Court of Foxes delve pets ?
Pets are not showing and did not get one at 2000



Same here. No pet after finishing Pure Faction 500.


The report of this bug (an Epic bug? Or Legendary?) is here: No pet awarded after reaching 2000 reknown in new delve .

Not that the pet could help much with the faction pure team pass, but it would be nice to have it for future.


Just posted that in the bug report thread (screenshot like yours) - it’s exactly that, they forgot to put in the rewards after 1900.

No idea how that can even happen.

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If you look at the rewards on any other faction, rewards 2000 through 2500 highlight the faction pet.

My guess…they forgot to update the start date on the Court of Foxes pet.

Or maybe the start date sits on the pet reward tiers.

Either way, something was clearly missed in the release. Again.

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