New Dungeon Screenshots & Discussion Thread

Day 4


No question mark at the stairs today, and a message popped up asking whether to go down.

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5 3 2 6 1 4
Battle, Treasure, Battle, Trap, Battle, Trap.

Day 3 and still Zero Dragonite :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:




84 dragonite (level 2)


I’m here with the numbers

From gathering data here and on the flight school


Boss Level 30 is:
25 jewels
100 + level number of shards
5 diamonds

Boss Level 40
Same as above

Boss Level 50
50 jewels +1 jewel per 2? Increased dungeon levels (investigating)
Above shard amount doubled
10 diamonds

Perfect Run starts at 82 and increases by 2 dragonite each level

(sometimes people find the stairs and then take a screenshot of their already completed dungeon so the level shown in the top right isn’t representative of the rewards they got)


As much as I know the level displayed changes as soon as you take the stairs, the battle rewards only change the next day, even if you have battles left.

Edit: Then again, the rewards for battles left might change immediately. I might be remembering this incorrectly, there could have been a x2 boss multiplier involved.

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Correct yeah, you have to find the stairs before the battles. So that’s why some screenshots say level 3 but there are stairs descended on the said screenshot (so the rewards were received for level 2 before the stairs were found and the screenshot just taken at the end of the run)

One observation about the other rewards. It’s likely using these base amount:

  • 100 shards
  • 25 jewels
  • 5 diamonds
  • 80 dragonite (for pure run)

Double the amount for the boss fight, an extra [dungeon_level]% on top, subject to rounding rules.

84 Dragonite

It looks like every day/color has a specific trap which has to do with the bosses or the color (doesn’t matter).

Monday: Freeze Trap maybe???
Tuesday: Toxic Trap
Wednesday: Fire Trap
Thursday: Silent Trap
Friday: Web Trap
Saturday: Stun Trap maybe???
Sunday: All Traps together maybe :sunglasses:

The stairs seem to never be traps since all pictures so far show always 2 traps and 1 stair (in both directions).

If the level increases all rewards, we will end up with 120 Dragonite at level 20 for a perfect run, which doesn’t sound that bad anymore (Increase of 50%) :wink:

The estimated level for the rewards can be calculated, if the player keep telling us their order.
I will always go with 1,2,3,4,5,6 since it seems to not matter (unless it matters somehow, what we might figure out in the future (maybe everyone has the same bossrooms each week) :crossed_fingers: :yum:)


I’m about to put up a bug report. Coloured Jewels are bugged


Ok there is that bug , but
there is no Diamonds increase for higher levels ? Ugh
That is intentional ?

Patch notes:

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clicked 1,2,3,4,5,6 on both




Day 5


my guess: Spike trap for Sunday
I think it is:
Monday (blue): Freeze Trap
Tuesday (green): Toxic Trap
Wednesday (red): Fire Trap
Thursday (yellow): Silent Trap
Friday (purple): Web Trap
Saturday (brown): Stun Trap
Sunday (diamonds): Spike Trap
plus one random trap everyday out of: Jinx, Weakness, Cursed or Death (random for every single player ofc)

Day 4, still no Dragonite.
And no, I refuse to spend 300 gems daily, if someone were thinking about suggesting that :grinning:

5 3 2 6 1 4 - like the other days
Trap, trap, boon, battle, battle, battle


I have lots of s/s, but will just post today’s.

0-16 on 4 accounts, so that’s 16 days so far without Dragonite. I will try and carry on the research of science until I get to 30-32 and see where we are. 1-2-3-4-5-6

NB 2 accounts are 3 years behind on stuff, actually both don’t even have a single class at 100 or many impervious troops at all, certainly nothing with any team synergy, think Dragon team doing 15 damage with Krystenax on 1 account and 22 damage on the other :smiley: I don’t think 1 even has L10 kingdoms - so in general the dungeon is quite difficult :slight_smile: