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New Character Customization

There could be a ton of ideas on this subject, but I feel we could have a few more character avatar customization choices. Maybe that could be new armors, or new races. I would like to see a few more races myself. A few others and I among the forums seem to share these thoughts. How about you? Satisfied with your character customization choices? or have a few ideas of your own? Let it be heard below friends.


Here’s my new avatar

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is it too late to sorry now?

I’d like the ability to pick out some cosmetics – hair color, maybe pose – but at a bare minimum I’d like the art quality of the Hero troops to be brought inline with the otherwise-beautiful character design. The humans look “off,” to me.


I would love more races and faces… and the ability to choose vampire fangs on my … uh … vampire …

And it would be nice if we could enable a heaving bosoms mode.

And hats!

And while we are talking customization and features:

I think a fishing mode would be super keen.


Describe this fishing mode good sir?

I’m a huge fan of avatar customization in games. But, I realize that global customization in GoW will probably only go so far. That said…

I’d surely like to see more human race and style options. Skins for armor would be nice as well. As Lyya said, it would be great if the hero graphics had the same level of visual awesomeness as the troops.

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Completely agree. Hair and pose would be a good start. The art is beautiful.

There would be fishing areas around the map and you could level up your fishing skill for rewards or crafting materials. I really enjoy fishing modes in games from Wow to Minecraft. As far as the actual in game implementation? I would have to think about it. I am sure creative folks could make suggestions.

Then again, I may be the only person that enjoys leveling virtual fishing :fishing_pole_and_fish:


LOL that is so strange it could work I guess. A game within a game within a game.

We need to go deeper.

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Heard that before.

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I like the idea of a fishing mini-game or perhaps a slots version. They surely have a lot of kingdoms that don’t have one.

While we are on the mini-game topic, I’d love a crafting game to build up resources.

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That it genius. Could always use more materials.

Asha nods
I need a gazillion arcane stones to trait up Rowanne. :crying_cat_face: I’d love a way to put in time crafting them over time.

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Anything they could do to help obtain things easier or help out the new people, gets a vote from me.

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a few more options would be nice - as mentiones maybe hair, or face - something to give more variety

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Beards, not enough ruggedness in this game for me.
Everyone’s too well shaved, unless they’re old, in which case they’re too luxurious!

At the same time, make the Naga class’ tentacle beard removable.

I’d settle for a bearded lady at this point! But in case people don’t like that idea, a female alternative to beards could be fancy little gem ear piercings (fin piercing for naga lady).

Just let me give my character some facial hair, d****t! He ain’t friggin’ bieber!


Coding begins, coding ends… BEHOLD, FACIAL HAIR for Zelfore!


That is terrifying. :fearful: