New Campaign Feature is Perfect

The new Campaign Feature is wonderful. Ignore the complaints, Devs. It’s perfect.


(my 2 cents)


They will quote your post and tell everyone your single opinion is a representation of everyone, the hundreds of negative reviews are fake news. :rofl:


I believe a lot of people just continuously look for things of which to complain. Nit-picky.

I honestly think it’s fine the way it is.

However, if they insert a task that requires being in a Guild, then I will complain with the rest of them and find a lot of other faults that I couldn’t care less about before.

Should probably wait a few weeks to see what the tasks are like before saying the new campaign is perfect. The tasks should end up taking longer as the weeks progress.


Possibly. I won’t mind difficult and lengthy, as long as they’re possible.

Why do you think it is perfect?
I think critic without arguments can be ignored and the same for plaudit.


I really hope there isn’t a task that will require a guild.

Fair enough. Since most reactions to the new feature were negative I thought I would look for the positives…

I appreciate a feature that sets goals. Prior to campaigns, I set my own like leveling a class/kingdom/faction or acquiring a bunch of trait stones. Without the goals, I have no reason to play the game, actually. (My goal of obtaining pets is onerous, however.)

I find myself using the same handful of teams repeatedly. One for grinding D1 Explore, one for D12 Explore, one for soul farming, a few for PvP offense, one for Dungeons, one for each Faction, one for each Pet Rescue defense. It is monotonous. A campaign task that requires all characters of a specific type or from a specific kingdom or using a specific mana color allows me to experiment.

Many complain about the interface. Nit-picking! I need to manually collect earned stars to see the next goal? So what? Works for me.

Some complain about inadequate rewards. Greedy! The earned items are fine, especially considering that they are in addition to what you usually get from winning battles in the first place.

Some complain about the need to pay for something, anything. Perhaps most items are overpriced but $10 for a mythic character appears to me to be a bargain.

So, kudos to the developers for providing an interesting and useful feature.

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You have to be in a guild to do infernal invasion, and that is where all the demons and copies of abynissa you need to kill are. Unless you do it the hard way of explore/pvp and hope.

I agree with this outlook overall in terms of encouraging team building and completing specific actions.

However, this WAS in the game before being taken away. Daily tasks and weekly snotstone events where payouts were actually pretty good too.

At least with dsily tasks or AB, they reset daily, you have to do the boring tasks or pony up gems or else lose out on rewards which includes the elite pass rewards.

The UI is not the worst thing, but shows bad qol testing and considerations. The Elite pass is cheap compared to prior mythic pricing, but skipping it leaves the only alternative as a rapidly decreasing rng luck. It could be months or even well over a year for anyone who skipped the elite pass to get the troop even if they had the resources to get it like with any other Friday mythic. At least Zuul is always there as an option, expensive or otherwise.

I won’t give them a pass on campaigns as they repackaged prior elements they took away. Then they have them give less rewards, take more time, and are still monetized.

Taking away features to reintroduce with lesser incentives and paying money to get anything good is underhanded, unimaginative, and downright insulting.


i did mine abynissia fights in pvp, lots of people put her on def, so after ~15 battles, i had what i needed

(and would make it even faster if i spent some gold to reroll casual fights…)

I don’t mind the campaign itself, but the rewards (for both free and paying) are a joke


What did you expect? A new car?

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This is kind of the root of it.

The new troops/weapon/pet should have been standard in the free rewards, with the paid passes allowing the player to get them faster.

4 Gem Keys and 2 Event Keys as the only decent rewards over a 10-week period is quite literally insulting. Even changing it up so free players receive that much weekly would be nice.

The Campaign screen getting the Explore treatment with extra clicks should have never made it through QA, but I think it was established previously due to how many bugs/mistakes make it through that any QA used is shoddy at best.

Since these battlepasses are apparently selling incredibly well, I expect to see 5.1 and 5.2 at a minimum include one heck of a focus on things like gameplay and QOL…you know, stuff to make the game better. A bit of customer focus instead of a bit of money focus would be really nice.


Players swear only by free rewards.
"Do I get enough new free rewards with this new patch?

  • No: this patch is crap
  • Yes: this patch is crap because of another reason"

I am quite sure that Sirrian said once that they removed the old weekly tasks so they can revamped it. Rewards are less good, yes but you know we are getting other free resource since the old weekly tasks.

GoW is a business, they have to make dollars.

I do believe that if it weren’t for covid, this patch would have had more to it. Campaigns build on the old snotstone system with more of a daily task approach.

With adventure board, that was supposedly the daily/weekly task replacement. To this effect, except for the resource loss tasks, I think that is fine with the task approach.

However, they will not get a pat on the back for giving back a feature with less rewards and making it just short of required to do or you will be behind, and that’s before even considering the elite pass.

Players will always want better rewards, but when ONE weekly snotstone event had better rewards than TEN weeks of the campaign free pass, that is a little more than simply the rewards being less good than previously received.

4.9 and 5.0 are monetization updates with a huge lack of quality of life updates or game balancing. I think the shop prices and offers are improving, but more paywalls to access troops is not ideal. Xathenos and Zuul can have money thrown at them to speed up the process, but were achievable. If it were not for ascension orbs usefulness, zuul would probably have been easier to craft and the blue orbs much less rare.

This is the first time two players with the exact same playtime, resources, and effort can guarantee that one is significantly better off than the other.

At the least, with the biggest updates as of late being money pits and funneling ticket requests to the help desk, there hasn’t been enough improvements or quality control lately.

The latest features have been getting lazier and/or harder for players so long as it pushes for more money. It doesn’t matter if epic tasks put more strain on people to earn deeds, let alone LTs. It doesn’t matter that delves can still be taxing, especially on Tuesday factions. They don’t care that world events were repeatedly broken and weekend guild events were just as costly despite less time to finish them.

The game demands more gems to be spent while limiting the positive flow. You need to constantly play catch-up on old resources while chasing new resources with overly expensive crafting recipes, if we are lucky enough to get a recipe in the first place.

When every major new mode since GW has always been designed to squeeze money out of you, I do have to wonder when we can get more rewards again. At least explore was monetized with medals but a nice rework. Lately we have gotten part one, without part two.


I don’t think anyone minds the game providing more ways for players to spend money, but it should not be the bulk of an update.

Tell us all the awesome new PLAYER-FOCUSED things you’re doing, all the bugs you’re fixing, all the feedback you’re considering, all the QOL you’re adding…and include “oh hey, we’re also adjusting the shop and adding battlepasses” as a follow-up to that.

You know, EARN our money by showing that gameplay is king. Gameplay hasn’t been king for a very, very long time. Players who have only picked up the game recently probably don’t know this.

Implementing a new story mode is a great idea on paper. It adds some “role playing” to the “role playing game”. But making it appear to be a waste of time due to crap rewards unless you cough up $10 is many, many layers of skeevy, and hitting it with “Explore treatment” in terms of extra clicks just comes across as thumbing your nose to your players’ valuable time.


And Kurandara too. Zuul takes so much time to get if you don’t want to spend money.

Players can buy gems with dollars since day 1. Then open chests with gems.

Obviously spending money helps. Ultimately, it buys an extra chance, but not a guarantee.

This elite pass addition is the first time where it’s not a matter of luck, or resources. If you don’t buy it, you won’t see the mythic for a long while outside of sheer luck or after enough time in the soulforge.

A path to glory can guarantee a new mythic, but that system is an alternate option, not the mandatory path to unlock a mythic upon release.

By a sheer number of gems or $ one can practically guarantee a new mythic, or an orb of power. This mythic is far, far cheaper throughh the pass, but it’s also the only method to get it. Without the pass, this mythic will specifically cost more time and resources than other regular mythic to obtain.

It is price anchored to be a great deal, and it is so. However, my point is I have no problem with someone forking over $50 a month to guarantee their friday mythic. I bought up to vip 5 so I vould get vip chest access to facilitate getting mythics if my keys ran out.

Forcing to buy the pass for pulling the mythic as it “comes out” is wrong regardless of price. It’s not spending $ to get another chance, it is hard locked for a good while unless you pay. What’s to say in the future the price doesn’t increase? Maybe next campaign its the 1200 star reward, or the pass costs $50. Perhaps all friday mythics will need an access pass or you have to wait until it hits the watered down pool of troops.

The thing that pisses me off do much is they took away lin game lore and the daily task system to lower rewards and lock newer troops and rewards past a firm paywall.

When they have needed a huge public outcry just so features like epic tasks would be somewhat on par key wise to an equal number of leg tasks and need to be told the rewards are too low or even a negative gain, I’m not going to be surprised if they do this again eith other features. Every pvp match needs a gem to fight, GW bees cash to upgrade sentinels, you need a delve pass for more than a run per day.

To say we had it too good before, or they gotta eat is not a good excuse. I’m tired of them essentially telling us to eat :poop:. Simply having these troops more accessible in soulforge matters as one could spend 10 in a pass, or their hard earned resources, which based on time and additional gem or spent would make the pass very appealing to anyone outside of the resource overloaded endgamer.


This one is not guarantee enough?