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New Account Glitches

I just started a brand new account for a Let’s Play series that I am starting back up and found 2 things that I believe to be glitches, or unintended oversights.

#Steam DLC
Steam DLC appears to trigger for all accounts made via the Steam account that purchased the DLC. This may be intended so that people who make a new account can still enjoy their purchases, but when more DLC is implemented it could lead to the selling of accounts. It could also lead to the creation of multiple accounts for the purpose of spending all resources and then contributing all that gold to the guild. Based on current packs that wouldn’t be feasible, but future packs may cause an issue with such a mechanic.

#Brown Eyes
The default avatar for a male Wargare when first starting out in the game is the eyeless one. Not really a glitch, but the default effect should probably be something like the scar or nothing as they are more visually neutral.