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Redeem Code Glitch

After claiming a redeem code from a Gems of War stream ( https://www.twitch.tv/felicity go watch her now :stuck_out_tongue:) that Nimhain was handing out, it caused a weird glitch. The redeem code brought me back the to the map, but upon dragging the map it literately dragged the map. The game shows as if the shop is still in the background. Functions on the map work, but clicking things on the shop in the background do nothing. Exiting gems of war fixes this.

I need to visit this glitch causing stream.

I just checked the video out. Found the redeem code. Started the game and entered the code. Did not have any glitch. Maybe fixed?

Thanks @Tacet for the heads up on the availability of the code. First one I’ve gotten word of that hadn’t already had the quota filled. :smile:

It’s actually a very rare glitch that we thought had been fixed. We’re looking into it but it seems to occur randomly.

That’s going to make it hard to pin down. And that doesn’t sound fun. Good luck.

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Let the @Nimhain-has-changed-her-avatar bell be rung !

I think it hadn’t been called yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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-edit- I found the code.
I realise now that the gift was probably not required by someone at my level.

Found it too and … found the bug too :smiley: (Android, restarting game corrects it)

Finally, the map moves like before. It’s just that instead of a black screen, there’s a previous screen (shop) visible when reaching the edge. This causes the fact that instead of having the feeling of moving on the map, we feel that it is the map that moves. Kinda strange :confused: (and due to the fact that the ‘previous screen’ is static, where the black screen let our brain think that he moves too )

Thanks by the way to @Nimhain for her generosity in the stream and @Tacet for posting about it here