Nerf Dragon's Eye already! (or alternatively, buff all other transform troops)


First you say you avoid DE and it should be nerfed cuz is a long and frustrating battle then you add to the list of the avoid yao and key…

Now tell me yao and key battles are “long and frustrating” too, if anything defo both arent slow, maybe by mistake you forgot to name the gorgo, scurwydog, doomblade and skadi one.

What about a stealth/backup class with jar of eye? do you find those fast and fun matches?

And those that complain about DE hitting stealth, just lol, i smell a backup/jar user pissed cuz his almost untouchable hero got transformed.

About that, greed, eggthief, DawnB and cedric (stealth class but only heronath’s as summon), dragon banner, demolish those back up/summons lovers paired with lusts that for strange reasons got highest win ratio i ever seen on defs (up to 3w/1l ).


Don’t know why you deconstruct my answer like that. DE victories are long and boring. I didn’t say I avoid the others for the same reason.

I play a lot of crazy teams, sub-par teams, or card of the week teams. So I often skip opponent that would either 1-2 punch me because I am doing a daily task « with 3 troops from Drifring Sands », or that would take forever.

Between you and me, all these grief teams are easy to beat, using old classic troops, like Khorvash, or Mab, or Astral Spirit, etc…
But we are often not in the mood to switch, just because the opponent is an unimaginative copy cat.

The player base is the issue a lot more than the cards, in this Sheeps of War game.


My Statistic is 912/41 in PvP i lose only vs DE Team.
This Card crashed my Team or i fight over 10 mins for 1 Battle WOW.
And 1-2 Trophy fights i get max. 20 PvP Points lol pls nerf this shit.
On PS4 we have 90% DE User and PvP make not longer fun.


Totally agree with you last sentence, x many reasons, most funny thing tho is that i see basically ALL those QQuing here about DE use it themself (changing def right before/after posting there too seem :P).

Said that guess i will join the sheeps pack beeebeeig about DE, remove it from the game, reason?

Am lazy, now there’s quite a lot of lust teams, goldenDB work wonder againt it and well vs anything else but DE, if it get removed i wont need to ever swap my attack team ;3.


Because it’s the internet and people have to disagree.

We get “points” and “badges” for responding to posts on forums, so even when people don’t feel a strong “no” they feel an urge to chime in anyway. I find myself, on a lot of topics, halfway through my answer before I realize I actually don’t care either way.

Also because some people are just really excited to dunk on other people. By saying you think 3 of the more powerful meta teams are worth skipping, you “exposed a weakness”. So they get to flex, “Ha, I beat all of those teams, you just aren’t good like me” over a few paragraphs. I kind of wish our forum accounts were more connected to our game accounts, it’d be nice to see how many of these “masters of the game” are hovering around the same win rate as the people they’re trashing.


Not sure it’s been said since I don’t want to read through it all, but how about just doing like arena did, and not allow DE in PvP defense?


Something needs to be done about DE I agree. The main problems is there is no counter or protection vs transform and it’s just not fun at all to fight, I avoid DE 98% of the time unless it’s revenge or rival. Balancing it where it isn’t ruined outside of PvP will be hard.


Guess you spam all around for those misterious badges i didnt had a clue even exist but seem you know everything about.

Even more cuz 99% are useless essay that say nothing, like that one (ok that one is really short by your standards).

Plus look like you love put words on other mouths that they never said.

I was pointing out that the real prob here is that ppls can lose to DE hence the QQ, the “long and frustrating” is just an empty excuse when you say you skip other defs too that defo arent long.

Now let’s say DE will get nerfed to theground and disappear as it deserve, what happen next?

Here appearing a “Boohoo, nerf Yao cuz is too fast and frustrating and i want a real match” thread, or about lusts, or doomweapons or w/e else ppls lose with (too bad i made a test or could show you a def which i had 4W/1L ratio and dont use DE).

A solution x every pvp prob? a nice button “I win” in the center of the screen ppls can push anytime.

Btw, can you make aswell a superuseful program of yours to calculate how much mana we get from a 3 match? we defo need that as much at all the others ;3


You write too many words when all you have to say is “git gud n00b” or “u mad bro”.


How would this sound

(50%+magic)chance to turn an enemy into a random dragon with (75%gmagic)mana. And maybe up the mana cost to 18.

Leave the rest how it is?


Bump cuz please dev, heads up people are starting to leave over this.


I am actually starting to consider leaving after the last BS match with dragon eye. Enemy used Gimlet and his empowered gem change to make a brown 4 match that I couldn’t stop due to the board layout having multiple opportunities for them, and then they got a “lucky” loop of “dragons eye -> convenient 4 match explosion cascade” and cast 4 times in a row and transformed all four of my team members. It’s completely unplayable.


And how many matches have you won in the week’s pvp before that lose?


PVP matches in general are mostly irrelevant to this issue. Against Dragons eye teams specifically though? I’m probably at around a 25-30% win rate. Either I get lucky and get a board with very few brown gems early and keep them gone the whole match, playing a long game of attrition for 10 minutes, or more often it is impossible to get rid of all the brown gems early, (Tai Pan isn’t even effective for ridding me of the brown gems because Gimlet just fills the board with new brown gems right after) then the AI BS Loops my entire team into baby dragons.

This weapon is utterly broken, and most of my PVP options demand I fight this weapon because the devs have done NOTHING to encourage creative team design or limit how often you fight the same exact team.


I skip those teams all the time. Sure i can win, but is get so often weird cascades of frustrating for the ai + startingboard and 100% manasurch. No thanks.
For what?


Well, I honestly didn’t mind that so much as my opponent getting barrier after transforming one of my team to a baby dragon. So…I have one less useful team member and can’t countertattack dirrctly either. I share your pain. As regards Lust, I don’t like random dying after attacking not only Lust (which is not part of any listed trait or ability) but any of my opponents. That is my indication that it is time to turn off the game and do something else.


Why is this still an issue? PVP…fight a different tier or spend a gem to refresh. GW… deal with it. It’s not a big deal.


Gimler would fart in the wind if you’d take away his green gems. Just saying…


This is from Guildwars
what do you want to do about it?:rage::rage:


When I wanted them to transform the meta, I didn’t mean like this.
Not like this…