Nerf Dragon's Eye already! (or alternatively, buff all other transform troops)

Well, the enemy ai might have problems actually killing troops if it keeps transforming / healing the first troop. And soon bless will protect from troop transformation.

Blessed is a start. I never understood why they didnt just nerf all transform abilities to have a natural immunity to that specific type of transformation. So for example Dragon Eye can NOT transform a troop to a Dragon if it is already a Dragon, that way you cant multi transform dragon to dragon a bunch of times.

If paired with TPK you would have to tempo the castings.

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You seem to be talking about PvP, not the high level content I specifically mentioned. When going against level 500 teams it’s not the spells that kill you, it’s the skull match that just happens to drop in. Dragon’s Eye hitting the front troop cuts attack to roughly to a third, which provides a huge safety buffer for picking off all the troops behind it. It negates the inherent risk of actually casting Dragon’s Eye and having the attached gem destruction line up some skulls for your opponent. They don’t get their spells ready faster for being at much higher level, so it’s fairly easy to have counter measures in place by the time they do, especially if you can delay them by granting weak skull hits.

Dragon’s Eye always hitting the last troop is an entirely different story, that would probably take some kind of troop shuffling to exploit.

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Ooooooh. I lost that context somewhere in the chaos that is the not-quite-threading of the forums.

I agree 100% that Dragon Eye is ruining this game - at least for me. I am a level 1340 player having played for over 2 years - and am considering leaving the game simply because of Dragon Eye. Besides all the items you mention I have taken great care the past two months to record Dragon Eye casting and the percentage of times it transforms. I ignored the first time because obviously if all your troops are not baby dragons one will be transformed. But if one of your troops is already a baby dragon - if Dragon Eye really was “RANDOM” - once in a while it should duplicate the previous transformed baby dragon. I am not going to document here are the possible percentages but the conclusion I came to was Dragon Eye transformed a troop over 80% of the time regardless!! For example if you already have 3 baby dragons & only one not-transformed troop - it should only transform the one not-transformed troop 25% of the time - but still 81% of the time you get transformed!@! If you manage to get one of the baby dragons promoted to a real dragon - 1 cast it will find that troop and transform it also. I TWICE experienced 6 casts & 6 transformations! How is this random. My sample size was over 300 cats and 81% of the time you get transformed. No surprise when I have the dragon size (not playing against but playing with) the percentages are what they should be. Dragon Eye is ruining the game. PLEASE make it a one cast weapon.

A change is being implemented after reset:

I just wonder if the empowered baby dragon part is at reset or after 4.3?

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How do you know it will be after reset?

Maybe @Saltypatra or @cyrup can tell us if they are lurking

Tbh, it is a bit of an assumption, but I do think it’s likely given that it was announced as part of the weekly event/troop news topic. I guess we may as well just wait for another ~4 hours to see :stuck_out_tongue: :man_shrugging:.


It’s not clear, the way i read it the DE
Will target last troop should be at reset and the empowered baby dragon after 4.3. Of course i could be wrong

Or both will be at the same time we never know :slight_smile:

At least it finally got the nerf it rightfully deserved. Shame it took over 4 months to get changed (That’s not a ‘quick’ fix). By the way, there is a weapon which does transform the hero into a baby dragon (Dragon’s Fire to my recollection) so that isn’t a stupid idea.

Shame it took this long though.

I am not sure about this 2nd nerf at all. Dragon eye is still a very effective delve and doom troop, particularly for players who don’t have the Ketras Yasmine’s Pride combo. Yes its annoying (usually avoidable) in PVP but in wars, as Idle One said, you will usually prevail if you have more than one damage dealer. The main trouble is not really DE, its his empowered buddies that often put you on the back foot from the off. Empowered troops seem to be on the increase and the new rope dart teams demonstrate this far more destructively than dragon eye ever did. Okay so we make it target last troop; stick eg a bulette in and all troops become more targetable than the randomness of the current set up which can annoyingly target the same troop over and over again. I’ve no issue with Dragon Eye. As I said, rope dart is far worse. But its time to stop crying for nerfs every 5 minutes and take a defeat on the chin. Sadly its usually advanced players clutching the tissues to their sobbing peepers. In effect this nerf may well negatively impact newer and mid level players…Again.

I’ll stop crying for nerfs every 5 minutes when the people who say I’m crying for nerfs every 5 minutes can make a post without crying, “No, the nerf you want isn’t a good nerf, I’d rather this nerf but also I’d like to insult people who want nerfs.”

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Considering all the old Dragon Eye teams worked without any need to shuffle troops while being so annoying and difficult to deal with, the nerf is very well deserved. Even if someone adds an order change troop for Dragon’s Eye like Bulette, it isn’t anywhere near as efficient compared to before.

That and Bulette also shares Brown with Dragon’s Eye so… do you force Bulette in front of the Eye or behind? Can’t take Rope Dart since Hero can’t use two weapons (like Dragon’s Eye) so that part of the discussion is ignored.

TLDR: A well deserved nerf but I wouldn’t call it “quick” since it took over 4 months to sort out.

Sorry if I missed right date when Dragon’s Eye weapon was tweaked.
(now it only turns last enemy instead of random one)
But I still have a question…
Now, this weapon became not interesting for me, so I want mystic ingots refund to use them on another weapon.
I don’t use Dragon’s Eye weapon now at all, though it upgraded to the full.
Developers allowed refund of traitstones for troops before when tweaked them,
mystic ingots are as hard to gain as traitstones, why there is no refund for the weapon?
or it was there and I missed it?


Unfortunately they don’t have the plan to refund afixe from weapons

Oh. it’s a pity T_T
In fact, it was the only mystic weapon that I managed to upgrade fully,
while playing casually for over a year.

I want my mythic ingots refunded as well. I choose to upgrade a weapon that turns a random enemy into a Baby Dragon and it doesn’t do that anymore. I don’t really do delves or faction events and after upgrading a weapon I don’t use anymore since it was changed I can’t upgrade a weapon that I will be using.

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I Hope you are happy now, dragon eye is useless, now lets nerf,rope dart,flammifer, dawnbringer and everthing that makes players get trigered 🤷