Nemesis * PS4 guild * 29/30 rank 1st place * All tasks and events completed weekly. 1.3 million gold, 650 trophies, 1500 seals a week. Tier 2 sigils in events. 50 DOOMS 40k in GWs

We are a international guild that is full of motivated and active players with the same goal in mind, have fun and get the most out of the game.
We complete all events and tasks weekly.
We ask for players 1,300 and higher.
So here are the simple requirements that we ask for each week.

  • 650 trophies.

  • Buy tier 2 in the world events

  • 1.3 million in gold.

  • 1,500 seals


  • Guild wars all fights by sunday

  • 40k points in guild wars.

  • All Sentinels to MAX

  • 24 defense troops.

  • 70 Dooms


  • Guild level 8,365

  • 15,634,000 Trophies currently

  • All statues 200

  • God bonus

  • Plenty of pet rescues daily

We use a psn group messages on ps4, so we definitely like to help each other out and figure out the best techniques to all of the events.

New players are expected to pass the first week of joining or risk removal.
1 warning for skipping and then removal if repeated.
Time off is allowed if given notice in advance.
Requirement are supposed to be done by sunday noon est.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you here with us real soon



The waiting list is now open, and a possible spot open monday.

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Hey, can you send me an invite : PINK TROLL_M4TL
We will contribute daily no prob.

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1 spot open tomorrow

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1 spot open and ready for you to join,
Get in now and get the rewards for guild wars Monday.

Top five with 29. Come help us get the top 3.

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One spot open now. Top 5 in bracket1for weeks in a row now with 29😁. Ready for a week with 30. Top 27 scores can’t come soon enough!!

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1 spot open now, get in now if you like guild wars but don’t need high requirements. Still top 5 with 29, come be a part of it!!!


22 days with the same ppl. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who is a part of this guild. Past and present, I couldn’t do it without any of you!


Well we made it a months with no recruiting but burn out does happen so pm me if you are interested in joining.

Spot open Monday after reset

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1 spot is open on Monday, looking for a player who can handle bracket 1 guild wars scoring 40k or more.


Got room for another?

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I see you posted that you are a level 150 in another thread. At this time you would be too low of a rank for bracket 1 in guild wars, that and the requirements would probably be too much if you are still levelling kingdoms. I’d recommend keep playing, get better troops, etc. and then an option could be available to you. All the best in your search for a home :slight_smile:

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Thx @mld-81 I went direct to pms but the spot Monday Is still open for a high level player.

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Do you have slots open?


I sent u a pm, thanks.

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We are Still looking for a high level player.

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Just want to chime in here. I have spent a good amount of time talking with Santandrix. He really a great leader, anyone would be lucky have them as a guild leader he really is easy to talk to.

Anyone looking for that endgame experience this would be a great fit for you. It will open a whole new level of the game to you with lots of perks.

Don’t pass up a great opportunity to join this crew. Trust me you won’t regret it.


Thank you very much @Ghaleon, those are very kind words and great to see respect from another player from a different guild in bracket 1!

Glad we can be friends even though we compete against each other. Much respect for you as well my friend!



2 days left until the opening, 1 high level player needed!

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About us currently,
2 people below 1,000, 4 people under 1,100 and 4 of us over 1,200 so we have a solid group to come and to be a part of.

We all do above the minimums so it’s relax and still getting what we want out of the game.

1 spot open after weekly reset, apply now!

I also stream on twitch from the PS4, Same name on all.