Nemesis * PS4 guild * 17th and Bracket 1 30/30


Another great week in Nemesis. Thank you to everyone!


It’s that time again we need a player. The update has drove off another one player.


A friendly bump from an ex-member. Plenty of fun and rewards to be had. All the best with recruiting, not that you’ll need it :+1:


Thx my friend. I think we found our player. Now just to hope no one else is quitting lol. You never know with these updates anymore.


1 spot will be open after the weekly reset.


Did u find anyone


Sent PM. Not yet. Still looking for an end game player!


Hey guys. interested in the guild. I’m currently in a guild that started to die off,with a few members leaving to nordic Vikings,who were big part of the guild.I do meet all the requirements and am online every single day for shorter/longer periods,depending on work. Hit me up if you need a member,and i’ll do my part :slight_smile: Good luck


Please add me on ps4 and we can
Talk there @danyikaa, thx.

We are still looking for a player to join us today.


Another job well done by everyone in Nemesis!! Thanks everyone!! :ok_hand::+1::+1:


1 spot open Sunday. Message me if interested. Thank you.


Another quit due to burnout. Come and sign up now to grab these rewards now. Thanks!!:ok_hand::+1:!!


Completed on Friday!! Thank you everyone for another great week!!


A opportunity is open! Message me if interested. Thanks!


Bumping this up!!:fist:


Any room for a current 193 with ambitions, plays almost every day, and, with a little help, can be a contributor quickly?


2 places have just opened up. Message if interested. Thx.


We have 2 Spots free in our friendly Guild…low Requirements and Top 5 every gw-week


1 place will be open Sunday.
Message me if interested, thanks!


1 spot is open now. All events completed weekly

Come and join us now!!:wink: