Nemesis * PS4 guild * 16th and Bracket 1 29/30


1 spot is open now. Message if interested. Thank you. Come and join a great group of players.


We hit 1,000,000. Come and be a part of this awesome guild!


Nice great job Congratulations to 1.000.000 :slight_smile:


Congrats mate :muscle:


Thank you everyone! We are still in need of a player. Message me if interested. Thanks.


A place is still open now


Looking for 1 player. Message if interested. Thanks!

This was with 29 players.

Come and be our 30th.


Job well done. Thanks everyone in Nemesis.


Finally a mythic for us!


One of the best ones, congratulations!


Thanks! And to think I was tempted to craft! Glad I waited for sure!


As of this week we are trophy free requirements. long as you help out the guild and are active that Is what counts.

As always having fun and teamwork is the goal here.

Thank you everyone past and present who have helped me here in Nemesis! :fist::fist::+1:


Jotnar on monday and now this!! What a week!


Great job without me Nemesis!!

Two spots open now! I’m just sitting in the empty place.