Nemesis * PS4 guild * 16th and Bracket 1 28/30


Currently in Speed Demons, looking to relocate as we’ve now dropped to tier 3. I can meet all reqs and score right around 50k in tier 1 gw. did over 55 this week in tier 2


Any players looking to join our guild just go ahead and send me a friend request on ps4.



1 spot open soon so come and sign up now!


Now recruiting, another veteran here has reached burnout and is looking to move on. Plz PM me if interested, thx.


2 spots open now


Are you still looking?


1 spot is left to fill. Come and join us now!


1 spot is still open. PM me please if interested.


1 spot open after weekly reset.


1 spot open sunday.


Recruiting now.


Come and get in now for bracket 1 and all events completed.


1 spot is still open. Come and get in on the goodies now!


I’ll join for that :wink:


Don’t be teasing me now. I know you aren’t quitting the number 1 guild to go casual.


I could do with the portal rewards tbh haha. I’ve nearly got my 1st Orb of Power… sigh


I could craft one or two but no point. Ill just wait.


Full. Until next time you can join waiting list. Thx. Santandrix


Thank you @Yumstar82 for your help for a year. It has been a blast and take care. We will miss u!

1 place will be open next sunday. Come and sign up now. Thx.


1 spot is still open. A Higher level player is preferred. Pm me if interested. Thank you!