My Guild War Bunuses appear to be incorrect

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I expect totals for Guild War Bonuses to sum correctly.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
The totals for the bonuses do not sum up correctly.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

Known issue

Thank you for the quick replay.

However, I will point out that more than incorrect calculation from guildmate sentinels appears to be at work here. If my totals are correct, then my guildmates are contributing nothing to my magic bonus. I am certain that they should be contributing something and my total should be greater than my personal contribution.

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Hmm, what’s your rank within your Guild Wars? (ie Paragon, Sentinal etc)

I am Champion, as this screenshot indicates.

Yeah apologies, I was just editing my post as you replied, I recently learnt that your rank is show in yellow on the first image.

From the looks of other posts on this issue, it looks as though Attack might be working properly (EDIT: Or not… seems like people are getting varying levels of correctness on all stats), while the others are not. Hopefully we’ll hear some more from the devs on this issue later today.

EDIT2: Any chance you could count up the total number of magic lower ranks have? Eg I can see dave has 4 in the image you posted. I’m trying to work something out is all.

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I’m noticing this on mine, too. Based on how many of my guildmates in the rank lower than me have purchased, I should be receiving at least an extra +1 to magic (if not way more) but I’m not, to say nothing of the other stats.

This is definitely broken; hopefully it’s just a display bug but the totals are definitely wrong.

@Saltypatra - any word on this? This seems different than the known issue already discussed in the patch notes.

Any chance you could provide screenshots or data for this? I’m trying to see if we can figure out the issue, but need more data (I’m a solider in my guild this week, so I can’t easily test myself)

Looking for:
Your GW rank
The number of statue purchases from all ranks below yours (the number shown in the results tab)
And a screen shot of the Bonuses screen as in the OP.

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I PM’d you the screenshots on Discord. :slight_smile:

From lower levels including Herald, Vanguard, and Soldier, there are a total of 96 magic. I can break that down for you.

Hold off for now. It seems the scaling ratio varies based on the GW rank of the sentinel owner. Check out this thread for more info: