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My Goal this Gnome Hunt Weekend: 10,000 Battles!

Is it even possible? Can I do it? I usually push myself pretty hard and manage 7,000+ explores on a gnome hunting weekend but I have nothing else planned next few days and am going to try for 10,000!!! :crazy_face: Hopefully I’ll get about 80 precious Vault Keys.

Team I’m going to use:

Forest Guardian

I’ve got all my nibblies and redbull ready to go, Wish me luck! :smiley:


I’m actually going to slip the new troop in my team, that way I get extra gold while getting Gnomes.

Also, out of curiosity, how do you count your battles to know how many you do? Assuming you’re at 1,500 seals, you can’t keep track that way, so how do you do it?

I thought long and hard about this exact point and in the end decided I can get gold anytime but gnomes come but once a month! Putting the gerbil on the team will reduce slightly the number of games per hour you can do. Even if only by 10% that means 10% less vault keys/gems/event keys etc.

You can see the # of wins with each class under the hero tab. I’ll just take note of how many Mechanist (my current class for raid) wins I have before and after.


Good luck! You will need lot of coffee to achieve that

So i presume if someone trigger a pet event, you won’t do it?

Good idea. I didn’t think of that. Might do it myself. Just don’t forget to minus any Dungeon battles or the like (where you can’t get Gnomes) for a more accurate number

I didn’t think of that. Great question. What you going to do @Fleg?

That’s a very good question I hadn’t thought of! Doing a pet event every hour will reduce my games by roughly 10% or more. Maybe I’ll just do the GW pet events. :wink:

I didn’t think of that for my own play time. I think I’ll only go after the pets I don’t have and the ones I really like. But @Fleg brought up the point about “getting gold anytime” in replying to my other comment. Almost the same thong could be said with pets. So, I think I’ll just go with ones I don’t have.

Good luck on the quest. :smiley_cat:


I’m breaking out some Venom instead (it’s my favorite energy drink). As for snacks. I’ll have to see what i can do. Any ideas? Haha.

Lol, I trained my wife to farm pets while I was sleeping. Maybe vault gnomes too lol

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Has to be something you can quickly grab in the 3 seconds it takes for a game to load. Also you want to avoid anything that will stick to your fingers and get all over your controller/keyboard. :rofl:

I’m going with simple jelly beans and chocolate bullets.

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good luck. pace yourself, so you don’t wipe out early. hold back on the caffeine as long as you can.

Made me think of this video which we just shared in the office. Good luck @Fleg this will be you !

Boop boop boop

I don’t understand this


What is the HP on Sunbird?

Is that team really faster than

Forest Guardian
Fire Bomb



And so it begins…

Imo the team I posted is the fastest for explore, but not by much. The reasons for this are:

  1. The quickest match you can possibly have is 1 cast firebomb + 1 cast sunbird. So my team with forest guardian makes this happen as often as possible.

  2. In explore quite often an enemy will spawn on death so a 2nd firebomb can take care of that quickly.

  3. Sometimes you get trolled with a high hp team and it takes 2 firebombs + sunbird to kill them. Ogryn boost just isn’t enough sometimes.

Like I said the difference isn’t much but if you do some testing you will see a few more games per hour with my team. So the games go like this:

Cast firebomb (don’t even bother with any 4 matches first)
Cast 2nd firebomb ONLY if necessary (either high hp enemy or sunbird not full)
Cast sunbird

Okay, I will try it today to see.

How much HP does your Sunbird have? Mine has 69

In the team I posted and after the game loads and with this weeks buff I have 83 life.

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