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My Goal this Gnome Hunt Weekend: 10,000 Battles!

I forgot about the 10% beast buff. Makes running the Gorbil 400 gold bonus a lot easier.

14 dmg difference between us that’s huge.

Thanks for your answer

should be possible to do ~17280 battles within 3 days but…you have to play for 72 hours straight xD


Well, there’s 3 * 24 * 60 = 4320 minutes this weekend. Assuming you go without sleep and bio breaks you only need to do one battle each 26 seconds. :crazy_face:

You can do 2-3 explore in 26 sec

That fast? Really?
(At least for me) loading screens before & after the battle + trait animations at the start take about 8 seconds, so the actual battle should take less than one second to do (and that must include all battle animations)? It doesn’t sound too plausible.

Yup 3 is exagerate but i just did 2 battles in 28 sec

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Your loading screens certainly are faster.
Do you have shortcuts for casting spells? I have to move my mouse on troop, click, move back to the pop-up, click again…looks like you have none of that on console.

On console we just need to hold the LB button and when ready to cast we push the x,y,a,b button depending of the troop position

Turns out your team is quite similiar to mine. I can’t really tell which one is better.

When I get A mythic mine is better but it doesn’t happen that often.

It’s whitin 5 seconds between both team

I average 1 wins every 15-20sec with your team @Fleg

I get a gnome every 3-5m or every 12-20 fights

Pretty nice

Last news from 2h ago he still needed over 2000 battles for 10k :slight_smile:


Is anyone bringing him food? Loll

I hope he plays on phone loll

Nope hes on xbox

Ahhhhhhh whatttttttttt?

Can’t bring his Xbox to the toilet omg how can he do 10k battle XD

He probably got tv close to bathroom in case he need to do #2 lol

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No idea how many battles i did, but friday I was level 450. Now I’m 820. 7 major orbd 4 minor and bunch of extra resources. And I traited like 8 legends and 5 epics through explore rewards.

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Omg WOW that’s dedication!

whats that on the wall lmao





The computer is still working as it was new tho - so all good! :wink:

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