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How to Improve Gnome Event

Bro i know how it work :slight_smile:
But never saw 100 gems tough

Btw every treasure gnome (in vault) are suppose to drop same then explore

I think vault buff is ok but i would change drop pool from cedrik, since he is special and you only get loots from him in the vault i would make him drop better rewards then treasure gnome. It is really weird when you win 5 gems from cedrik and the treasure gnome give you 20 gems

Cedrik drop should be

  • Orbs of chaos
  • 2 or 3 commun gnome(valraven treasure gnome or pet gnome)
  • 1 cedrik
  • more then 100 gems
  • more then 60k gold
  • more then 5 diamond

I did not know that Cedric could give as low as a 5 gems reward. Are you 200% sure? I thought 100 gems was the very minimum he could give.

Yup it happened to me yesterday, unfortunately i didin’t took SS but if it happen again i will post it

Edit: also got 2 diamond from cedrik, it was brutal

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How is this any more antagonistic than my typical posts…

I was refering to this post


@Eika it happened again, 5 gems from cedrik


All seems normal. Cedric dropped the 60k gold bag…

I said Cedric drop, not regular gnomes. I know these one drop the same as in explore.

Cedric as a 60k gold drop.

I don’t remember getting a 60k gold from a treasure gnome in explore or vault. Maybe I just forgot…

Nope cedrik is always first bag i already asked devs about that

No, it’s not, this is why you think gnomes drop 60k

Lol so you don’t believe devs?
And yes normal gnome drop 60k in
Explore i got it twice this weekend, also got 20k and 40k

Did they say that a while ago or like after they buffed the vault drop?

They surely mixed up the display of reward that’s all.

Omg i hope i will catch it again so i can post the SS

The 60k drop from a treasure gnome in explore?

Yes and 40k and 20k

oO I think I have an idea why you got these.

Wasn’t it before the buff in gnomes appearance rate aka the nerf in gnomes loot??

I have to go with @Maxthor2789 . They surely mixed up the display of reward that’s all.


Did you ever see a orb or troop rewards in another place then 1st bag? Did you ever see vault key in first bag?