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My first impression of Boss Raid

Boring AF
(10 char)


I’d have gone with:
“Internal Error”


No trophies and low gold, I really have mixed feelings on this. This is supposed to last all week?


Bring Gems. Lot’s and lots of Gems.


The mode is fun, I have to be fair. It breaks the monotony of every other week and I am thoroughly enjoying trouncing Zuul’Goth and closing those Portals…

However, being realistic, with a gem cost of 250 (this gets you all exclusive content @ TIER 3) and not a single gem recouped by doing well… That feels a little wrong… or… a lot wrong…

Perhaps there can be an added gem bonus for beating the Raid battles for example:

Beating all 4 Minion 1’s: 10 gems
Beating Mini Boss 1: 20 gems

This gives you 30 gems, enough for Tier 1.

Beating all 4 Minion 2: 30 gems
Beating Mini Boss 2: 40 gems

This gives you 70 gems, enough for Tier 2

Beating Raid Boss, 1st time only: 50 gems

This essentially reduces the cost of Tier 3, from 150 to 100, of course you don’t HAVE to buy Tier 3, but 100 gems for a unique weapon… seems reasonable to me. :wink:

EDIT: I liked this suggestion so much, I created a thread to discuss it. If you feel strongly about it one way or the other come on over and say your peace!


I am having fun so far. Lot of interesting team building and love to see how far I will go with beating the boss.


Just used all my sigils today and ended with 300+ stat Zuul’Goth. I kinda like this Raid Mode, just wish the Leaderboard is not a thing, though.

I think Leaderboard is misleading many players to the wrong idea. The Learderboard is sure a P2W thing, but I don’t think the whole raid mode is. Winning state of this mode is to work together to close all 10 portals, anything after that is not worth it.

I mean, to get first prize, you have to spend so much gems to compete with other players. You might have to spend 2,000+ gems for it, in return for what? 700 gems and a single orb? Any orbs are craftable, so every gems wasted is mainly just to show off, with not much else to gain back.

Even though Tier shop is a big gems sink, but it’s not something require at all to play this Raid Mode. You can fight Zuul’Goth without Godslayer troops, and can still close most of the portal.

For me, the real reward in this mode coming from closing the 10 portals. Buying Tier sure help, but teamwork in guild is more important. Leaderboard board is there just for fun, not worth the effort to climb it.


Well said! Too many people focusing on the Leaderboard and not on the actual GAME. :wink:


Do we have any ‘official’ new about the daily reset? If I don’t use all my Sigils in inventory do I lose them or do they carry over to tomorrow?

Official word is that sigils cannot be carried over week to week. This suggests that they carry over day to day.

I’d like to know more about whether the minions and mini-bosses reset (such that I will have to spend an additional 10 sigils to get back to Zuul’Goth) tomorrow. Would also like to be reminded what the seven different colors of Zuul’Goth are, and how they differ from each other.


From what I gathered, we’re only facing one type of Zuul’Goth per event, so it’s not something that we need to think about atm. But here they are:

Burried (Brown): Create 12 skulls
Dark (Purple): Poison and freeze all enemies
Fiery (Red): Gain 8 attack
Icy (Blue): Submerge and enchant myself
Storm (Yellow): Stun and burn all enemies
Toxic (Green): Barrier and enrage myself

(courtesy of taransworld.com)
The only different is what their spells do in addition to “Kill an enemy”. The 7th (plain) Zuul’Goth is craftable in the soul forge, he burns and freezes all enemies + creates 12 skulls. I don’t expect you’ll see that one in the raid event as his spell can only be cast once.

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I think each day it will reset so we aren’t fighting a super boss all week, but our sigils should stay for the week at least, I hope.

From the patch notes:


I would hope not, I don’t want to waste sigils on fighting the boring minion battles every day :wink:

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Thank you!

So we can then surmise that once minions are defeated for the week the stay that way based on Sirrians patch notes. Or else you would just do all the battles Sunday.

Yeah they stack but you need to use it before end of event or you lost it

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I have 69 sigils left and am 44th on leader board, no losses yet, it is a pretty fun challenge but starting to get repetitive.

Did anyone else buy up to 7, and be dumb like me and hit it twice?:man_facepalming:


I’m bored of it already.


No i prefer keep my gems for mythic

Not complicate every raid boss im going to buy only tier 2 to get the special card that’s all

Also forge the weapon is a better deal then buy tier 3 so im going to always forge it

Not sure I agree re: weapon forging. 150 gems is reasonable price to pay for the resources needed to craft the weapon (2 celestials, 200 diamonds, misc gems) + you get other stuff like traitstones. I think I’d rather save my resources so I can craft a new mythic instead of hunting for it and hope I get lucky.

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