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Preferably a checkbox so the traitstones reflects troops only, if it’s possible.


Do you mean something like unchecking the “Count hidden troops” check in the Traitstones list?



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Hola Lyya no se si podrás ayudarme, intente acceder a la página y crear mi cuenta y vincular así y saber piedras y demas pero me equivoque de correo y me comí la letra t antes del 23, y no me pueden llegar los correos para confirmar podrías ayudarme?


I don’t speak Spanish, I had to use Google Translate, so I’m sorry if this is not an accurate response.

If you are having trouble creating your account, please send me a private message with your email address and I will be able to help you out.

If you are having trouble linking your created account with your Gems of War account, please send me a private message with your GoW DB account name or your email address, and the invite code of the GoW account and I will try my best to link it for you.



Seria el correo y mi codigo de invitacion J.Bou


Followed up offline.



Will ashtender database and collection continue to work in the foreseeable future after the change to Unity?

Thank you




Nice additions :wink:

Not sure if this was intended, but my username dropdown went to the row below:

(this on Chrome, 1920x1080 resolution)

Also, it’d be fun to have a leaderboard for total unlocked traits! :slight_smile:


Or a leader board for who’s defenses were attacked the most and won. ZBut the casual pvp bug might interfere with that.


Yikes, I’ll fix that today. Sorry!


Should be fixed. Thanks for the report.


It is! :heart:


Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo very much! Noticed that the souls and traitstones that are shown in the my collection shows what I need to fully level/trait said troop(s) Sorta thing i’ve been waiting for ages now to have it bookmarked onto my phone :slight_smile: very well done on the hard work and effort put into the site I look forward to anymore improvements that you may have install for us!
Although the next thing would probably be the site but in app form although I wouldn’t want to implement that upon you at this time, very well done you deserve more than a single cuppa tea/coffee for this! (That’s if ofcourse you drink either :stuck_out_tongue:)
P.S. I’d highly assume that the synchronization function for consoles may take some time…


I decided to pimp out the Ascension Leaderboard instead:


@Lyya i am having a bit of trouble and please forgive me as i am bad at computering.

I am trying to help my friend link his ps4 acct but he has only just started GoW. I saw that a player must be lv 20 or more and he is 38 but he has 0 runic fire. Would that cause him to be unable to link or am i doing something wrong?


No, that should be fine. PM me his invite code and I can take a look.

Also make sure he’s attempting to link from the PS4 page:
If he is trying to link from the PC page, he’s going to have a bad time of it.


It doesn’t count traits from classes, am I correct?