My Collection on Gems of War Database - Auto Updates!


I love the new interface on the team builder <3 It’s great to be able to share names and easily pick the banner.

A suggestion, though, would be to enable user to edit name/banner through the website’s interface (instead of editing the url).


Feature request: Buy Lyya a coffee/beer/pizza button?
(Or perhaps a Buy Lyya and the Dev’s a coffee/beer/pizza button due to legal mumbojumbo)

Seriously, thanks so much for this site - Once upon a time I had a spreadsheet… Man they were the bad old days!!!

Perhaps @Saltypatra can provide some guidance on a “thanks” button for Lyya :wink:




Hello, Lyya! Tell me, is this change intended?

I’d personally prefered the previous position, but I don’t mind having it here, either. I know some people missed this traitstone/kingdom table on the previous place. But could you color the background differently? It’s really hard to read the red/pink numbers this way.

Thanks a lot! =)

EDIT: This is on Chrome, btw, 1920x1080 res.


Yeah, that was an oversight on my part. I’ve adjusted the colors to stand out more against the background now; please let me know if this addresses the issue for you.

The change was made to make better use of the screen real estate for people with medium-sized monitors. I was wasting space in the old design. I’m not sure I like the readability of the traitstone checklist against the lighter background though…


It’s a lot better now, no doubt.

What if you tried a darker background on that table, like it were a little box, and use the colors you did before?


I’ll play with it some more today and see. Stylistically the black box doesn’t mesh well with the “parchment” feel of the page, which I’m struggling with design-wise. It only made sense when it was completely detached. The plain theme feels better in that regard.


I see. I personally suck trying to come up with design ideas, but I’d be more than happy to give you feedback on a few samples you might be trying out.


Not sure whether this is the best place for feature requests, but could you turn the rarity and base rarity columns of the collection into drop down lists? It’s currently not possible to search for rares without also showing all ultra-rares for example.


FWIW, you can search for " Rare" (note the leading space) and you won’t get Ultra-Rares, if that helps!


You also can search with numbers.

You can also do things like <5 to show all troops that are Epic rarity or below.


Yup! And thank you for reminding me why I changed the filter from a dropdown to freeform text. It was a dropdown at first, but people wanted a way to search for sets of rarities (Legendary and Mythic, for instance) and this was the easiest way to do so.

Agree that it’s not ideal, but the two posted workarounds should tide you over until I figure out a more intuitive solution.


Oh, being able to search for ranges is certainly a lot more useful. Thanks for the heads-up.


I actually like the way it is now but if a change is required maybe a dropdown that allows the user to click any they want

I.e. check box for common and epic to show only those 2 for instance


Yeah, that’s what came to mind (Excel style dropdowns), but there are usability challenges with that, particularly for mobile screens. I’ll play with it when I get a chance to see if I can improve the design.


Lol… I have no idea what you just said… But its ok i am bad at computering so lol


@Lyya, I’m having trouble linking my account :thinking: I keep getting “No Hero with that invite code or Traitstone total was found. Please verify the platform you are linking and try again.” I’ve triple checked the invite code & traitstone totals, but no luck. Any idea what could be going on?


Hi @coco, I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Please PM me your platform (PC, Xbox, or PS4), invite code, and the totals you are entering and I’ll take a look.


I got that message several times, too. I just took a few minutes for the update to hit and take hold, perhaps.


Awesome work! Glad to know that I’m not the only “total nerd” as my kids call me. I noticed a potential glitch. I have Plague, but it is not listed in the troop list or in the Apocalypse kingdom.

Also on Zhak Boomgrizzle - i don’t have that troop - shouldn’t it be 0?

#1 Request, Easier print view - Example, when I print off the troops by kingdom - I had to print at 75% to be able to get all the troops on one page (and uncheck the Resources). For kingdoms with lots of troops, pets, weapons - they don’t all show up at a higher % and don’t go over to a 2nd page.
I REALLY appreciate the effort this took to create & maintain.
Thank you!