My Collection on Gems of War Database - Auto Updates!


Good idea. You’re right that many players disenchant to 4. I’ll amend the criteria. Thanks for the suggestion!


I’m sorry to see this kind of thing happen. While I understand why the devs might obscure such things, your site has been a staple resource for my guild and no doubt many others. We appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into such an amazing website and will continue to use it for other personal help, such as traitstone gathering and the like.


Linking is now done by validating Minor Wind and Runic Fire Traitstone counts instead of troop counts. If anyone had their account “sniped,” please let me know and I will correct it.


So glad that you and the devs can work together to retain access to the key stuff that we all love to use, even if some stuff needs to be made private.

Thanks again.


Devs announced Bone Naga, but ashtender now shows Frost Lizard. Any ideas?


Frost Lizard was originally intended to be released tomorrow but was swapped some time after last Monday’s update. I’m guessing ashtender just hasn’t updated with new schedule.


This is correct. My site will not accurately reflect the upcoming troop until a new payload is available.


It is now, at least for me (assuming the Steam payload is what is required)


It is the Steam payload, and for me, I still see Frost Lizard as the upcoming troop. That’s odd. Maybe it hasn’t been pushed to my region yet.


Possibly, it was sitting as an “Update queued” for me, so I forced the update. It wasn’t scheduled for another half hour or so. (about 15 minutes from now). But yeah, maybe just a region thing.


I’ve reset Steam and GoW and I don’t have any update pending. I will update the site when a new payload arrives; sorry for the confusing data.


Hmm, I also had the update. It hadn’t started, but it was queued on Library > Downloads for me.


All right, I finally got the update. The site should reflect the current state of the production code. Sorry for the delay.


Hi Lyya
I love your site and just noticed that I can link my account :slight_smile:

But I tried with different browsers with no luck :frowning:

always get “No Hero with that invite code or Traitstone total was found.”

Any ideas?


You must be on PC/Mobile, PS4/XBox are not linked to this.

Also your invite code if there is a “space” use an underscore _


@AeroCloud has some good suggestions. If that doesn’t resolve your issue, let me know via PM and I’ll work with you to troubleshoot.


thx Lyya,

I’m on Steam & Android and no space in name… I send a PM


To close the loop, resolved this with Mumorex. All is well.


Hi, and thanks for an awesome site!

Is it possible to implement a checkbox that gives me the choice of including or excluding classes from the list and the stash?


You mean like this?[True+Kingdoms]

(Though that will filter out Apocalypse and Primal troops too.)