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What I am seeing I can see why you were hesitant to touch this code.

If the card is before ascending (such as my dragon) the count includes the troop that is the base card.

If the card is ascended to mythic - the count is correct.

on the My Collection Silver shows Silverglade Common 95 ∕ 100 Legendary

but the card shows this


95 is correct, you have 94 sacrificed and 1 in stock, so 95 total.


If that was the case 95/100 would be what the card shows but it doesn’t.

I have to have 101 to ascend to mythic (100/100) + 1

For example this would lead me to believe I can ascended Courage

But the fact is

The use case that we need to see is someone who has not ascended the cards but has 101.

GoW DB: PS4 and Xbox Account Linking

I mean I can add the +1 to the total required if it’d make things clearer for people. Opinions?

GoW DB: PS4 and Xbox Account Linking

I don’t think that is necessary. It is the same way it is in game, you need 1 extra before you can ascend and it feels pretty obvious to me.

GoW DB: PS4 and Xbox Account Linking

It would be able to utilize the count so I can stop looking all the time - this way like my kingdoms with My collection has really helped focus where to put my souls

At some point the gold chests are going to diminish in returns for me, but I am very frugal with my glory/gems …

So knowing I only need x to get to the next level (mythic for most of these cards) I would like to see the what the card shows me in the game. (which means -1) on the y/100


i think providing you count the already sacrificed troops its better to change it to x+1

also maybe someday if you get time could change the color of entries that meet or exceed req. to ascend so that its more visible :slight_smile:

personally i dont wanna see already sacrificed troops progress, i consider the “count” as something showing me how many cards i own and can use, but since i dont partially ascend it shouldnt bother me if they are counted



I nominate your 500 server error page to be the best prettiest and most awesome 500 error page ever seen in the 23+ years I have been doing web pages.

THAT ROCKS!!! (and it’s soooo pretty) I am not kidding either btw. I’ve seen my fair share of 404 500 and such over the years, some very creative - some insane, but this actually made me stop and go WOW

PS - it is throwing an 500 accessing My collection link only. Troops, Kingdoms seem to be working fine. It’s 4/21 at 1:29 am pacfic


the 500 error happens for my permalink as well


Sorry guys, looks like something has changed in the API and I’ll need to adjust to compensate. Stand by…


I was hopping somebody was gonna post this, Thanks. I got the same error


Red leader, standing by.

Lyya, your site going down makes me realise just how much I rely on it for planning my traitstone spending/farming/hoarding! So thanks (once again) for your amazing site


Okay, I’ve fixed the site. It should be mostly functional again.


I no longer have access to resource totals outside of traitstones. Gold, souls, keys, etc. are no longer in the data I pull. That has several implications:

  1. I have to remove the totals from the display. You can still see your kingdom bonuses and your traitstone totals, but souls will always be zero in the traitstone panel and all other resources are no longer shown.
  2. New users will not be able to register until I can come up with an alternative means of verification.

Your patience is appreciated; I apologize for the inconvenience.


EDIT: My database backend is acting up, so connections may still be spotty at the moment.


Thanks for the update. Some people also wondering if your site was down in global chat.


Interestingly enough, the website that shows what chests drop what cards is now crashing. Maybe the API they were using to gather drop data got changed too.


Update: It should now be possible to link accounts again. Instead of entering Gold and Souls totals, new users will need to provide the total number of Ogre and Goblin troops they have in their collection to validate their identity. Again, apologies for the incovenience. New users can link their accounts here.


Thanks for all your hard work @Lyya Your site is awesome! It has been very helpful. Do you think you’ll be able to get our resources back up on the page at some point? I really love that feature. Helps me to keep track of my resources from week to week. Thanks again.


Unfortunately, no, I can’t. The method I have been using to populate the My Collection page no longer contains that information, and it is unlikely that Infinite will make that information available again to unauthenticated requests. Basically, the only recourse available to me would be to actually have users provide their GoW login credentials, which is a big privacy concern (even if it were generally feasible to obtain those credentials, which it is not – at least for mobile users).

I use the same mechanism to retrieve user information that the game uses when you click a random player’s name in chat or the leaderboard. It’s been a fluke that GoW provides as much detail about other players as it does, considering that the above mechanism never shows more than some summary info about that player in-game (and their defense team for practice play). I’ve asked @Sirrian to retain the information in that method that is critical to the success of the My Collection feature – Traitstone count, troop count/level/ascension/traits, and team info – but personal resource information like keys and gold count has been intentionally made private.

This is not to say that I don’t sympathize with your request. If my site were officially affiliated with Infinite (i.e, owned by them) it would be possible for them to design a non-public channel to retrieve that information via authentication. Perhaps someday, they’ll provide a web service that deprecates my site, and you’ll get a much more integrated experience in the process. (This implies “Infinite” dev resources. Get it?)


Thanks for the explanation. It’s still a bit sad I can’t see my resources all together as they were on your site. Maybe the devs will one day grant you that access again. I hope anyway. Thanks for all the work you’ve done. It’s appreciated.


Hi Lyya,

First your site has been amazing and I believe everyone really appreciates the hard work you put in to it.

I figured I would suggest one thing. Maybe instead of new users will needing to provide the total number of Ogre and Goblin troops which is easy to guess for many high players (ie: 4) ask them how many minor fire and minor wind traitstones they have. No one will have the same amount and no one could easily guess this.

Just an idea and thanks again for all the work you put in to this.