My Collection on Gems of War Database - Auto Updates!


Not sure if this has been noticed before, but let me report something:

In the game, when you click the profile of someone who’s currently fighting a PvP battle, the sentence that tells you about their winning streak doesn’t show, it’s simply omitted from their profile.

I noticed this only because on the Collection, when you’re PvP’ing, you get a message saying that your winning streak is 0. That confused me at first.

I know this isn’t a big issue, but maybe there’s an easy way to change this?


@Lyya I really really want to thank you for the amazing site you have created and manage.

For me I still use my spreadsheet but I rely heavily on your pages. I especially like the visual that you have for the Kingdoms. It makes it so much easier to determine where my souls are going when I have finished the week’s event teams.



You’re very welcome. I think it needs to be repeated that, while I’ve had to take a break from the game, I’ll be maintaining the GoW Database to keep those new troops and features visible.


Reporting just to be on the safe side, but you probably know already, that there’s something wrong with the trait costs and names of the new troop Necrezza.


Yes, it took me a bit to understand what was the matter. It’s fixed now. Thanks for the ping :slight_smile:


I just noticed my key counts are also missing from my Collection. Other resources are there, but all displays 0, except for seals.

Oh, the consequences of a major update… =p


Yikes. That’s gonna be a problem. Investigating…


Okay, that’s been “fixed,” but the fix is untenable. I’ll come up with something more permanent, assuming the devs are willing to throw me a bone.


@Lyya i have a request:

plase (for ashtender troop list, not personal collection) make a filter or organise by - possible to search troops per mana cost!

i struggle when i wanna search the cheap ones, im sure im not the only one

or is there a way already?

i tried “(10” for troops that cost 10 mana as your website has such spelling when describing mana cost but it gives me no result


You can do this in the troop table, but you need to expose the hidden-by-default “Cost” column first.

Choose Columns > Uncheck “Auto” > Check “Cost”

Then you can sort by cost, as per:


thank you very much :smiley:


Don’t know if this is covered and expected by ascended doesn’t get counted correctly for number of troops one has.

I noticed this today when I was trying to see if ANYTHING of Silverglade had gotten any new cards. And then I saw that it’s not counting in the ascended number already gotten.


Ah yes, I don’t track the number of already-ascended troops. I can probably fix this, though it’s not as straightforward as I would like. (As an aside, I never quite understood why people would partially ascend anything.)


Did the event archive change or disappear from your site? I’m trying to settle an argument over in the console update thread and that would be the perfect resource if it was the way I remembered it. I was sure it used to list all of the event details.


It’s there, it’s just that I don’t show the archive link during the period where no events are active. A direct link is:


Ty lyya look like there are not in the same order then console


Thanks! I couldn’t quite remember the correct path.


Habit mostly. I had a system for a while and then realized it was a waste of effort. Now it depends on what event I am working on.


No, but at least we know what troops will get a bonus and what we’ll have to do for event points.


Okay, should be fixed (I only tested it on a limited number of scenarios, though). Please verify and let me know if you’re seeing accurate totals now.