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Mobile/PC - 2.2.007 Upgrade

Mobile reviews don’t reset.

By default, for Apple at least, you only see reviews for the most recent update. (Right now it’s only got 4* and 6 Ratings b/c of the hotfix after 2.2.) Steam also prioritizes “Past 30 Days” now. And I believe both Apple and Google show some favoritism in search results for apps that have been updated recently and have positive reviews.

Good ol’ play store shows everything. There a total of 11038 reviews right now, with 6899 being 5*. Avarage grade is 4.2*
Needing to vote against with every update is stupid. People don’t really like to vote much.

Well, point remains: Don’t forget to leave a review if you’re on Apple/Steam! It matters! Great way to support the game, especially if you don’t spend.

The Google Play store shows all reviews by default, but can optionally be filtered to only show reviews for the latest version. It’s in the options dropdown on the review list for an app.

The best way to get oodles of publicity for the game right now is to introduce a new troop named “King Tronald” with art that looks suspiciously like the US president-elect. He’ll tweet about us forever.

His third trait could be something like “On any 4- or 5-match, remove all enemy troops not from your home kingdom, and replace each with a randomly-selected troop.” That should teach the AI not to mess with Tronald.